Wars during PvP?


We have 2 wars starting today, which means we will still be at war when the PvP phase of the event starts tomorrow. Shouldn’t wars be disabled prior to major events? @Arelyna


There’s some bleed over if declared before the pvp island is up (roughly - not sure if it’s directly tied to that or manual).


Honestly wasn’t sure-never had wars the day the treasure hunt starts before. Unfortunately that means we have 2 teams we can’t hit in the event for a few hours (in theory). Unless they fixed it where event/atlas attacks counted as war hits?


There was a patch some time ago to make it so that Atlas didn’t count; it didn’t specify event, so I’m guessing that they still do :see_no_evil:.


Damnit lol one of the teams has an easy base for 125 points. I’ll warn the team not to hit them in event until war is over then.


You could try it once… for science? :innocent: I suppose it’s also motivation to finish the war more quickly.


Wars declared before treasure hunt do lap over into pvp events. Every time you get hit by said team in PvP, the banner will pop up as war but if defender will not count to point total if I remember correctly. It’s an easy way for teams to sneak in an attack with all others being decoys. So that being said, if your members have done their war runs, it’ll appear the same on the other end.


Ah, maybe it was just people getting confused before the banners got revamped then. But still, testing :smiling_imp:


Everyone in this thread is correct. Wars can bleed into Treasure Hunt phase of a PvP. It is only during battle phase that war is disabled (for new wars).


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