Wars need to be balanced

Now that Pg is trying to balance multiple aspects of the game, is it possible to take a look at how wars are fought. I personally am under level 100, and played in mostly gold and now platinum teams so i can not speak for the higher teams but in most of the wars down here, there are a few “bigs” on each team that run the wars. Example, my team has 3 lvl 200 players, then a few 100s and then about 40 players between lvl 40-80. We war a team that has 49 players lvl 40-80 but then their 1 leader is lvl 300+. This one guy follows almost every war hit, and they end up winning the war. I think this is incredible out of balance. Its a team war, not an individual thing. My base can defend people maybe 10-15 levels above my own lvl, then a lvl 300 backs them and cleans my base with no problem at all and no skill required that someone my level would need to move around my base.

A possible change - limit the amount of attacks/flames one person can get from a war. Lets say limit it to 20 flames. So that (the lvl 300 im mentioned earlier) can do his/her attack, then do backup for a max of 3 more runs. Then after that they are maxed in the war and can not get anymore flames. Any idea along these lines would deffinitly bring a lot more balance and strategy back into wars because right now it seems to come down to the 1-2 “top” players on each team that control the outcome of wars, not the other 48 teammates. Feel free to add below your comments or ideas :slight_smile:
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I mean 20 flames are way too restrict he gets 250 flames every war.

I do understand your concept and I don’t know what’s up with those 300s… it super lame to back 49 runs each war.

Limit flames to 55 (your own attack and 10 backs) and this would end. Maybe 100. :man_shrugging:t2:

In higher leagues this isn’t even a problem. The same player will back maybe 3-6 runs max.

But it’s PG they can’t code much easier things how should they code this one that it works as intended???


Lol yeah true. But the reason why i say limit to 20 flames is because some of them are getting 250 flames per war and that’s a ton. One guy i saw on league chat said he got 450 flames. Also people will use alt accounts to fill empty spots that a lower then lvl 10, then use them to hit the higher lvls with their main account backing. So if this is limited it makes it a team effort to win, not individual

I actually have my doubts that PG can implement this.

It wouldn’t harm higher league teams and would help you guys a lot

I see what you mean but if they’re relying on one person to back that makes it easier for your team to get defense points because it’ll be 1 attack at a time. I get why it’s frustrating but limiting the amount someone can help their team doesn’t sit right with me. The person carrying their team will get burnt out. It isn’t sustainable. Your team seems more balanced.


War system doesn’t need to be rebalanced, it needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the bottom.

But PG has more important things to be working on other than the original concept of the game…

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Although it may happen, I do think that that tactic could be sustained over the long haul, so in the end I doubt it is or will be a huge problem. Pretty soon the level 300 will either get a couple other players to help him, or leave that team for a bigger one.

I agree with a cap to number of backs allowed. Only thing I’d say is limit the backs to # flames instead of # runs as that’s more aligned to the war mechanic.

Let me ask you this. What was the final score of your war?

If it wasn’t 250-245, then the problem doesn’t seem to be him backing everyone, it seems that the problem is your teams activity level since you should have plowed through 49 of their 50 bases.

If it was, and they managed to get their one player to back up 49 others, then all the power to them. He is obviously super active (more so than you guys) and they deserve the win for the effort they put in.

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If you really want it to be more war-like, how about this instead. I’m 300+ and let’s say I’m warring teams with 30 people under level 100. Why can’t I just run all their bases in one super long attack and keep attacking other people until my dragon dies? Why should a low level and a high level be worth the same number of attacks in a war?

Perhaps the solution is in each war, you get 3 dragons. Damage carries over. Once they are killed, you are no longer able to attack. I can kill as many bases as I want with those 3 dragons. Winning team is determined by whoever clears all the other teams bases with the least amount of dead dragons. Flames don’t matter. Each team gets 150 dragons.

This will make sandbagging even worse. The other teammates don’t even need to run. Doesn’t look like you thought this through.

Most of my “idea” was sarcasm. For some reason lower levels complain about bigs always backing runs and should limit their attacks. My idea was the exact opposite. Should Ser Arthur Dayne only be allowed to kill 3 foot soldiers and then be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch the war? Limiting war attacks arbitrarily makes no sense.

At least my fake idea was more realistic. If my air force doesn’t lose a single plane, they should be able to attack in the next battle. If the other team’s anti-aircraft defense blows up all my planes, they win and I can’t launch another attack because my planes are all blown up. A team of 20 level 300s should be able to beat a team of 50 lousy players much like 1) 20 people with tanks would beat an army of 50 people on horses and 2) 20 Navy Seals would beat up 50 untrained people.

I’m not saying they should do it, but it would certainly be more realistic. The focus should be on having a good team, not just a full one.

:sweat_smile: u forgot the #sarcasm tag :joy::rofl:

However, it may be PG’s intention to create the big whales in each team that way to generate revenue. So by listening to your new request, the whales may get annoyed although I really like your idea and it helps teamwork and relieve the whale from doing all the job and backup which can be resources draining. Basically Like what a few said, PG won’t do things that will benefit only the customer and not them.

I like this idea. + 1 OP

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