Wars pending then team demoted out off league

I’ve Searched through “Events Wars” and could not find anything on this subject.
My question is with 3 war waiting and now our team demotion out of that league, what will happen with the teams ranking or statuse battling 3 other teams literally out of our league?

It will still commence and the elo rating will be awarded and team will be shifted again next week

From my experience, you still gain/lose raiting points for these wars. You won’t be able to declare a revenge war if you are no longer in the same league as the other team though.

If you were demoted from the league and you lose, your team was below them to begin with so they will win a small amount of points. If your team manages to pull out a win, you will win more points, sometimes by a factor of 4 depending on the spread between the teams.

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So a double lost. Can’t revenge and earn back points, and bump to the bottom of the new league with stronger opponents…

They were demoted so not stronger opponents. But yes double “loss”. My team had same experience just today as we promoted to plat 2 but had a war loss after promotion, but we just declared another war to get the points back.

Nothing changes for either team.

Rank points are still awarded the same way. If your team rank points didn’t change, and the other teams did not either, a win will be worth exactly as much as it was in the same league.

The biggest difference is you won’t habe them in LC and you can’t declare a revenge war.

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