Wars to end at first to 250

Ok so now we have missions and Atlas and quests and events …how about having wars end when one team reaches 250? Having to sit and stare at the screen for endless mindless hours is torture and its driving people from wanting to play in diamond. Doing this would greatly decrease the time to sit and stare … any thoughts on this topic?

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will you adjust timezones of each and every player to suit war?
idk whether you even thought about the global nature of the game.

Im still fairly new, but I dont see why you get endless attempts in wars.
1 run per war would make more sense to me.

Think about who and how you attack, and the defenders would have gotten a real advantage for preventing a 5 flame.


Problem is you could have say an all-American vs. an all-German team. The logic German team members would be sleeping, and the Americans would be up. Hence if everyone showed up on time war could be over before a single German player would even wake up


But you can’t have war starting at five (or more) different times that would be a mess even if it were over different tine zones. Also all almost players on the same time are in diffrent time zones. I don’t know how they decided the current start time but you got to remember PG is a Pacific time zone American company, if something hoes wrong with the wars somebody needs to be up to fix it

Lots of different reasons:
-the defender cheats and knocks you
-people survey a base before attacking it again
-little guys (say a 200) who has to take out a 300 is going to need more than one shot
-your backer was sleeping at the wheel
-defends can help determine the winner and loser of the war
-you accidently close the game
-you pick the wrong dragon and forget to boost

Plus you get unlimited attacks elsewhere in the gane why shouldn’t you get unlimited war attacks


Well, cheating isnt allowed.
You can survey a base outside of war.
And all other reasons are your own faulth for losing, no ?

I would find war more fun having to nail it the first time.
Now its just like OP says, 24 hours of starring at the screen.

That’s Luffy’s point. We get 24 hours because of the time zones. First to 250 would screw people who are farthest from PG’s timezone.


Lol ok u go solo a level 600 first time ace flyer! :joy:


Well then move to a more competitive league if you want more action.

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I’m sorry I can’t help but laugh at that :joy: Cheating may not be allowed but that doesn’t mean people don’t do it

First to 250 is an idea that has been discussed repeatedly as has limiting to # attempt(s). The first gets shut down and the second hasn’t gone anywhere


Didn’t the limited tries get shot down due to the lag, connection errors, etc?

That was a big part of it. I’d say if anything lag is worse now than before as are crashes. Other concerns I remember off the top of my head were that it would encourage one person teams and things would boil down to who has the most big bases

There were many ideas about how to improve the war system and countless posts, but this idea would really be the worst one.

Maybe check some other posts, there are usually people who already posted the same problem but eventually with many different or more detailed proposals.

The most recent one I remember is this one:

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    My biggest concern about endless war attacks is that it would be too much like an event

were only the team with the highest levels would know how to be active enough to
constantly attack it.
I would say that if you want more attacks in war, do it so that there is a limit, like 4
attacks a day. You can still join others to get more flames though.
Plus, if you don’t get 5 flames, even now you can continue attacking until you do. I
realized that even before I joined my current team which is normally awesome. We a currently having participation issues. But that is besides the matter.
If you are worried about cheaters, just have it so players can report them. If a player is
abusive with their reports, turn theirs off. But if a base is getting lots and lots of reports, then
give them warnings about cheating. If they still get reports, then take away their fighting
privileges for, like, a week. They can still defend though. If the reports continue, you can have
1 punishment after another, but remember to watch all the reported ones when in battle to
see weather they are cheating, or if they are just OP.
But that’s what I think should happen. Not all out endless attacking, and not the same.
Rather, something in between.

First to 250 seems unfair
The current system is fair in regards of rewarding the overall more active and more coordinated team.
Only unfair thing is the never changing start time which can be solved by making wars last shorter or longer or giving a break. For example war last “20hours followed by a 1hour break” or “21hours without break” would make 8 wars fitting in 7days. Or leave it 24h with a 4 hour break will make 6 wars fitting in 7 days…


Can we do last to 250?! Have so many spam attacks in the last few minutes and everyone leaving a super easy base for the end :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

While I favor the one try per base idea, at least the reasons you gave into why it isn’t implemented make sense.

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It’s got nothing to do with soloing a base during wars. It would be the first attacker that gets counted.

(reasons about lag and connection errors dampen my enthusiasm for the idea)

I would also prefer a system where you don’t get an infinite amount of chances to clear a base.

Something like:

5 flames for clearing a base on your first attempt.

One less flame for each attempt after the first.

One less flame if a backer has to complete the base.