Wars: what gives?


So are we basically stuffed?

We declared a war on a fellow diamond 1 team about 24 hours ago, war was doing fine till this crap started happening

  1. We have 5 flamed the same base 3x now yet it still hasn’t counted.
  2. We keep getting the following messages when trying to defend?
  3. We have players getting 5 flames on attacks, attack doesn’t count but the defense does?

It is also way past 24h since patch.

It has become such a farce, we have >10 players on defending, yet we keep getting this crap? Entire waves go by with us getting rejected multiple times? I’ve been rejected from the battle 3x in the same wave. Half the messages are in arab, so I have no clue what they say.

Please note I’m not saying they are cheating, I’m saying the stupid system isn’t allowing us to defend

They have gained 130 flames with 10 of us sitting here trying to defend, with us unable to join defense.

What a joke.


PG programming at its finest. :slight_smile:

Pre-war attack fix didn’t work either FYI. lol


We lost a lot of defense points because this kept popping up. We also lost a war because flames weren’t counting. I’m not sure why the WD team just didn’t allow wars while they are going through this process. They could have disabled wars a few days before they decided to do these updates. In the mean time, many teams have gottens skrewed over.


Oh! They are going to send apology gifts… To everyone? I hope not. I have screenshots showing that numerically, we would have won our wars if the flames would have counted. Not only did the losing team get -17 rank points and -76 egg tokens, hopefully they don’t get a gift on top of that.


We are also having a difficult time with connection issues & war


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