Wars within league

Recently my team was declared war on by another team that is many times our size they are easily winning as all of our 4 members have attacked them and yet the still have more flames due to the amount of people on their team. Can someone please change how wars work to stop large teams declaring war on teams with only a couple of players. It’s really not fair on any small teams targeted by large teams, as they don’t have any way of winning.

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I suppose you are in somewhere in Bronze or Silver leagues.

Well, the simplified version of how wars work:

The team with the more flames wins. In case of a tied match, the team which had to attack fewer times wins.

So your team either has to get more flames or defend more times than the enemy.

I am in Platinum II now, getting back to P1, and trust me: having 49/50 members only for 2 minutes draws attention to us and gets a war declared on us. We lost to 245 (64) - 247 (43)

It’s recommended to fill your team and climb the leagues or join one up there.
For this purpose we have the recruitment section, where you can find the right team or members to join.


I thought a tied match was determined by how many successful defended bases a team managed to pull off?

and why do think those are two different things? :thinking:

Let me explain:
250/250 :fire:
Your team defended successfully 44 times, mine 39 times.

That means we had to initiate 5 more attacks to achieve the points as you.

Not every attack gets defended in lower leagues


So what?

I don’t think P2 counts as a lower league, and I can’t recall a war where we managed to defend against all attacks.
Or our enemies for that matter following the war chat logs. :man_shrugging:

Sorry I got this a bit off topic, but I’m currently in a Gold League. My team is a bit more casual which means not everyone participates in wars. (A major liability)

So with a scenario like 80/80, I had assumed that if 1 team successfully defended MORE than the other team had, then the team with more successful defended bases would win the war. - I had that scenario a few times which is why I was a bit confused. (I also though that this is what it meant by the IG War description if it ever was tied)

If this is two different things entirely, then I’ll call that as “My Bad” if the 2 scenarios are different. 1 in having both teams defend every incoming attack, whereas 2 is not everyone had defended. If this is the case, then your statement makes sense now.

No, you’re absolutely right. My conclusion was hasty. :hugs:


It sounds like one of these two teams is in the wrong league. Don’t worry, after a few more wars, it should sort itself out.

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Thanks guys. I will try and recruit some new players.

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note that “success” for defense points is “had one or more people join a defense” – any defense counts. but preventing five flames means the attacker may try again and give you the opportunity for more defense points.


Thanks for the tip. :+1:

And to help the OP when you get to the situation when teams Wave attack their war runs at you, you can join the runs and quit straight away to try join another and that counts each time you successfully join in a defense

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OP has four players on his team, this guy teaching waves. Thanks dude, you made my day

Woah… so much I could say…
I better not. I like looking at the forums :thinking:

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