Was just wondering if there is PG no no list

Ok I’m sure P.G. has a no no list of what can and can’t be said in L.C or T.C. Was just wondering if there was a copy that we could see.
I Only ask as being as this is a global game some words mean different things, depending where your from.
One example I’m from the U.K. over here the word ‘f*g’ is a slang term for cigarette, but it could be offensive else where in the world.

So I would like a bit of clarification on what words PG deem offensive.
Is it American-English dialect or an English dialect? Do they count slang or urban slang offensive.
Yes it’s a minefield but would like some clarification.
Thank you for any help you can give.

I am curious too. For example, I would like to know what way a cheerleaders pom poms is offensive. And there are other silly words that are considered curse words or the like. Lol

I doubt they have something that would be comprehensive for global application. My friend said fanny has a different meaning in the UK. In the US, it’s a nice way of referring to ones bottom. :roll_eyes:

Edit: I’ll not reveal what it means over there, you can do that if you wanna …

Also, if you’re in the UK, NEVER compliment someone on their pants… They’ll look at you like you’re some sort of stalker weirdo. Pants in the UK = Underwear in the US.

I tried to compliment my teammates and his name was censored :sweat_smile:

They have different block lists for the different languages supported… But there doesn’t appear to be a distinction between American English and British English.

PG’s no no list is arbitrary, like a lot of other aspects of the game, based on how they feel on a particular day :grin:

My drill instructors got me out of the habit of using the word pants. You wear panties under your pants recruit? Proper word is trousers apparently.


Not sure about PG having a list to share but George Carlin does…


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