Was Neptus worth the investment? New tower adjustments?

I just want to see other opinions on this that are only D1 and D2 since this patch mostly effected those leagues…

I know people like him but beyond that I don’t know because I do not have him

actually a lot of people in Sap has him too…not just affecting D1 and D2…

I’m primarily talking about a max Neptus facing max towers, in lower leagues I’m sure he’s great that’s why I said D1 And D2 completely different worlds.

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Lmao, apparently people would be surprised with the amount of max bases floating around sapphire league. Bout like D2 (not like there’s a ton of hard bases there). Plus you can literally hit anyone from any league…but okay.


Neptus requires actual thought and skill now to kill a maxed base… there’s your consensus

Worth it is hard to answer. Yes because it’s the best dragon in the game ATM, but you’ll need 2 flown well vs the big bases in war.

And to cobras point, while yes there are max bases outside D1 and D2 the wars aren’t the same. Trying to take one out with 20 defenders online very different.

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Just asked towers :man_shrugging:t2:. Presence isn’t nearly the same, yeah, but you aren’t catching any of the 13 (was bored so I bothered counting them) bases with lvl 60s or 1B+ defense down here in bottom sap1 undefended easily…they forego points and solely defend them if they have to. Just saying :joy: don’t even have Nep, so bowing out.

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