Was this the last pvp, or will there be one more?

Time don’t seem right !

There will be one more pvp, but it won’t be a full length pvp. Basically, if you’re a team that can complete an island in under ~15 mins, and you’re close to next rank, then this is something for you.

I thought the clock has always been inaccurate and the final pvp doesn’t happen?

The island will appear till event end haha.

But only for personal points?

Depends if it’s killed or not.

A teammate of mine asked PG and was told that was the last PvP, whatever that’s worth given the weird stuff support says sometimes. :sweat_smile:

Support is not ran by PG, its a third party that knows less then an average WD player.

Yep, hence the “for what it’s worth,” which may not be much lol.

I checked my game clock and it says 2h,25mins and the pvp timer says 2.5hr. I don’t think another island will appear… Could be wrong tho!

You might be wrong?

Not for my league

@PGCrisis @Arelyna why are league PvP timings different? So Diamond has a chance for more personal points while Saph 1 doesn’t?

Edit: my alt in P3 had final PvP just like Lutrus. What’s the deal with my Saph 1 league then? :thinking:

Now that is a bummer

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