Wasted egg tokens

Discussions about War Dragons that don’t fall under other Categories can be posted here.SpJust warsted a whole lot of egg tokens to breed dragons only to find out incubator wasn’t ready the other day. I log in today only to find out the game doesn’t even have tne dragons ready to incubate. Hell, i guess at least i got the fucking achievements

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I get that you are probably frustrated. But seriously more details are required.

  1. What dragons were you breeding?
  2. How many tokens did you spend?
  3. Did you watch the dragons get to full egg/complete and the “Incubate” message came up?
  4. What level range are we talking about here?
  5. Do you not play every day? (from “logged in the other day”)

Did you really “waste” since once you get your incubator up you can hatch them?


Whalegnawer and Clothesis (sp) from firactus and caldabog…

based on what you said, here is what I understand:

Incubator currently upgrading
Incubator’s level is low that it can’t incubate the dragon

Your egg tokens are not wasted since you completed their egg. Just upgrade/finish it and you are good to go.


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I call him Cletus



IIRC, this kind of breeding doesn’t need upgraded incubator…

I believe we are in a pseudo-chat since some of us hang out here more than LC. :joy:


No in regards to incubator. I used all my egg tokens to breed Whalegnawer and chlosis (sp) and now i have to use egg takens again tobreed them again

Why do you have to breed them twice? :eyes:

Someone doesn’t get how this game works…


You only have to breed dragons once. You don’t have to incubate them immediately. :t_rex:

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once you complete the egg, it is kept on your inventory and any egg that you complete under their name or title will turn into an egg currency which you can use for upgrading the builder’s hut or to do research.

Go into your breeding castle to your breeding screen. Match up the correct pairs and you will see a check mark above the eggs that you have. These include dragons AND eggs that are being held to go into your incubator. See below, I have a few eggs and a few I’m working on.

Once you get a checkmark, you can then make extra eggs over and over for use in builders hut as well as research




When you let your girlfriend name your dragons :confused:


I think she’s trying to tell you something…

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