Water Drag Defenses

My defenses keep defaulting to 6, ive made zero progression through the probably close to 100 defenses since the last event. WTF is the problem?

I believe that event defenses do not count. Have you tested defending with both event and non-event attacks?


Yep. Event defenses do not count towards releasing the water dragon.

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Wait u actually want the water dragon? :joy::joy:
This is a bug I’d love to have

The water dragon is useful because if all your other dragons are healing, you can still join attacks. That’s about all it’s good for though lol :t_rex:

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Did you all consider that maybe the OP is below level 50? You know, where the water dragon is still kinda useful, but not completely?

Once I shot down 12 dragons and it kept resetting back to 18. Do war defenses count towards the shrine?

War defenses count, but wars are disabled during PVP events. And killing dragons during PVP events don’t count towards the shrine dragon. We are currently having a PVP event.

You still get credit for taking dragons down in non event attacks… they’re just less common. :woman_shrugging:

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It was about a month or so ago. I don’t remember if there was an event going on then… :thinking:

It is also useful to attack friends to give them 3 rubies as a gift.

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