Water dragon shrine stuck

Won about 5 towards the 20, just shows 1. Fix your servers!

Event defenses do not count toward water dragon kills. It tallies them at the end of the defense, but they don’t actually accumulate/count towards freeing the water dragon.


To elaborate this, any attacks that don’t result in RSS stolen, the shrine won’t count up (it still shows the dragons you killed in the result screen) but it’s nothing

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No arguments, just take mine :slight_smile: :ok_hand:t2:

Ugh can’t we implement a sticky noob section what explains

  • no water dragon from event attacks
  • you can’t open or see silver chests when runic chests are out
  • you can’t collect food or wood or raid them when your mills and farms (collecting) or storage (raiding) is full



They still won’t see it. How many posts do we get about bringing back old evo stones and that is clearly in the FAQ.


You can take my ryuu if you’d like… I hate when he’s in my roster. But these questions that are asked over and over are pretty annoying. Really wish people would search for answers before posting questions. I know I’m asking a lot lol :joy::joy::joy:

They need to nerf Ryuu and be done with him forever honestly!

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You deserve ALL the likes.

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My apologies for being newer to the game than you.In other games we might find the situation reversed and I would hope to be more tolerant. We must all learn and each must make mistakes and ask seemingly silly questions.

Si fallorum, sum.

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