Water Shrine Dragon Overhaul

When are we going to see the developers give this pathetic creature a much needed overhaul? I’m flying Empyrean dragons and I’m about to start getting Abyssal Dragons. The Water Shrine Dragon has the fire power of a red tier dragon. It’s embarrassing and annoying.

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I agree it would be good to get a really solid mythic in there that gets changed regularly and is worth being equipped with a rider. Generally focus needs to be on giving waaaay better rewards for defending in the game.

Rule #1 of War Dragons: Never mess with Ryu, he will take the game down with him.

Leave Ryu alone and ignore him.

Also please use the search feature, this is probably the 300th post about this.


Last time they messed with ryu atlas went down.


Not just atlas.

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I actually have the perfect solution…every time you unlock the water dragon beyond level 200, you get an instant apology gift.


That seems nice. Like “were sorry for this crappy dragon you don’t need have this in return?” And maybe it be a few inner fires or something

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I wouldn’t mind if they actually made the dragon worthwhile to get. I get annoyed anytime I get it currently :rofl:

This topic can be closed…
There is literally hundreds of the same topic and they all say the same thing.
( if pg makes it better / removes it than the whole game will end )
So unless u what the game to end I recommend people stop posing the same topic on this…

Funny I remember when he was okay when I was really low lmfao

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Simple solution. Make Namaka as the default Shrine Dragon. They already did it once and that code is likely still in the game. There problem solved, and this dragon actually scaled to your current level at the time you got it up to around Empyrean/Abyssal when it originally released.

Namaka try out was the reason the game broke, no ty.


It’s the best option out there. Otherwise you’d have to start the coding from scratch.

Use what’s there and build off of it to make it better. Namaka is no question superior to Ryuu and the data already exists for it. Get some tweaking done and bug fixes and bingo.

Or, we don’t touch the water dragon and leave it be.


I remember back in the day when u would force get the water dragon to use it for wars :joy:

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No, it really isnt. The best option is to just ignore Ryuu and throw him away when he pops up



I don’t even think mine summons anymore. :thinking: Which, I’m not mad about. He’s utterly useless. It’s been stuck on 20/20 for a while now :rofl:


Ryuu :dragon_face: holds all the power in this game!
He is untouchable!

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Thus the reason he has a shrine and no one else does. He is a petty god that will take it all down with his tantrum if he is displeased :rofl:


The best is to leave it

Why is there no optimism when it comes to the Water Dragon? Almost every comment is pessimistic about not touching it or deal with it, when in its current state it truly stinks as a dragon! And there is no joy in getting it in your roster or using it?