Water Shrine Dragon Overhaul

Because people have seen what happens when they try to do the things you’re suggesting. :boom: :fire: :skull_and_crossbones:
This is literally something that has been talked about for 5+ years. There’s a reason it’s still how it is. Just ignore the thing, it’s not meant to be useful except for the newest of players.


Can this topic just be closed there is like 100 of the same topic on this

Might as well close it, this topic has been discusses far too many times

Hey Blaze! They literally can’t touch it as it’s the building block for all dragons in the game. If it’s messed with too much, the entire game can fail. Putting more stress on its coding will cause even more lag and stuff. So, while I think we all can agree it would be great to have the mythics tested every year like Namaka was, it simply isn’t safe for the stability of the game, unfortunately.


The end…. Lol

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@moderators, this one is solved too

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