Water Shrine progress not being kept track of


Anyone else having this problem? I’ve lost at least 4 Dragon kills. It just won’t register new kills.


Been happening for weeks now, especially during war I find most problematic. It’s not a world ender but it is annoying I like having the water dragon so I can avoid going to join an attack and be told I can’t because I have no dragons. But yeah, I’d say about 1/4 of the dragons I kill get registered there?


Defending event attacks and killing dragons during these doesn’t count for ryu kill credits. Join green banners and you will be credited with the kills


In war this should be accounted, otherwise it’s a bug. However if you fell Dragons from event runs it’s normal that the shrine isn’t updated. It’s by design that event runs defences don’t count for the shrine.


Good to know, but yeah I was referring to war. Seems inconsistent with what it counts and what doesn’t. I don’t defend in event (not without a reason to) so wouldn’t really know about those. But war attacks are where I see it not counting them. I don’t know what is by design and what isn’t, though.


It’s not registering the ones I kill while defending allies. It just happened again.


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