Waterdragon , why not others?

Why it isn’t possible to quit the unusable waterdragon and give players the chance to test one of the mystic saison dragons? That would be a really good new item!

They did that once with Namaka but it caused so many issues and glitches that they said they wouldn’t do it again.


I don’t get why they don’t have a practice base and have a try option for the dragon with the demo. It would let you try the dragon out before investing in it and it doesn’t really seem like it would take a lot of effort. It would be just like as if you would just click the battle button but it would instead take you to a preset base and the dragons in your roster would be the ones offered for the season.


You underestimate coding work


Surely PG have Dev / UaT and Sand box environments where they do testing pre release?

They could give players access to Sandbox and in sandbox you get a generic L600 player max everything where you can try dragons out vs bases.

Given how expensive it is to move base runes it would he handy to try things out before you do it live.

It could just be an option in settings → load sandbox.

And then the same thing to flip back to production.

It might even encourage more spending if a player really likes both mythics. Or maybe they didn’t like either but on playing them they do like them but need to spend a little to get them.

That way it would be a low code solution given the lower environments must exist.

Or it can have the opposite effect and people may decide the dragons aren’t for them, so they don’t spend

I doubt this would be a high priority for PG honestly :grimacing:


Will players be satisfied with undefended static base runs?
On the other hand, if it’s intended to allow beating real players (in sandbox), won’t it demotivates players to really play the game, instead of the sandbox?


Thats definitely a valid point and a risk.

I’m not really sure how to solve that one.

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I have a solution. Use the assault bases for the test environment. It is only upto verdant I believe, that should do. Give every player 3 chances at their current tier or lower (since bases are tough) for every 20 successful defenses. Or maybe any tier below current to prevent frustration at loosing the run. We have all lost horribly in assault.

No more issue with lack of defense and no unlimited playthrough.

What do you all think?

Assault bases are too easy for mythic divines


So yours is out the question? Lol jk

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I floated the idea of test drives a few years ago now, and while the idea had merit it had a alot that PG would have to put into it.

Can you guide me to any record in the forums or otherwise that it causes issues and glitches? Players comments are preferred than PG’s version as we all know they dont play their own game as to why they are oblivious to what is happening.

They want you to make indecisive decisions

The post right above you shows an example


What post? Is it comments/feedback from players or hashes from a PG employee?

They’re more of technical challenges, not UX (user experience) ones for the most part. “Granting a fully-customizable, temporary dragon with restrictions to a specific base type to attack is much harder to do on the backend than it sounds currently. You might be thinking “oh, Ryuu is basically this”, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Also, we’d need to mitigate any chance of people being able to exploit loopholes to this and have a “free” dragon forever. I hope this answer, while vague, sheds some light on this.“

Gee if only a PG employee had written down some of the issues they faced

I’m putting it there once more to try and help you understand. But if you choose to not understand then fine.


Did I mention that it is easy to write those codes. He said that there are issues and glitches and yet I havent heard any feedback from players mentioning such. Or maybe I missed it. I guessed they done it to sell those Invokers.
If they want it, there is always a way. If they dont like there is always excuses.

I didn’t know you worked for PG and help to develop War Dragons

Is there a way? Probably. Does it outweigh the costs? Probably not

There are so many threads on this going back years to the old forum!
And a quick search for ryu or the water dragon will yield plenty of reading! Lmao

Needless to say pg has made it clear they have no intention of trying to make adjustments to the code of the water dragon again as that seems to be part the core coding purchased from bitpig and it creates massive issues across the entire game and it isn’t worth the massive investment required to add it!

And if I stop and look around at the core game and atlas both of which are In need of some major adjustments if we want to see this game flourish not just make a profit but actually grow and retain players!
So adding this historically unstable feature back into the core code of this game is not only unlikely I’d say highly unadvisable🤷‍♂️