Watt the Flak?!

How do you see the new Electro Flak fitting into your base design?

How do you think it will affect your play style as an attacker?

Would you replace an existing flak with this one or add it to your existing collection?

Yes… I know it’s all just theory and guesses until we see it… But I am curious.

depends on the stats hidden in those logs wink wink nudge nudge.

seriously though itll depend on how big the bonus, if it isnt enough to compensate for the lack of utility then damage alone is pointless

I know… I feel like PG is delaying things longer than they used to. I don’t expect I’ll know anything for sure until the next game update.

I’m just wondering if the buff upon buff and the lack of resistance is sufficient to warrant a rethink. I know for many a new tower type is cost prohibitive. It is certainly one of my larger frustrations with the game as an old timer… I don’t mind the extra levels so much as the (now) wasted timers and resources.

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It’ll last until week 6 divines come out…


I believe there won’t be a dragon with ice flak resist yet . Again, that’s just me :man_shrugging:t2:

Nollaig has Ice Flak Resist.

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I think there are a few possibilities here

  1. It could have very high normal damage stats and could replace the dark flak portion of a dark/fire combo on a main part of your island. Dark flak replacement is almost required at this point since they have implemented 83,827,761 dragons that now resist this tower at higher level game play

  2. It could have low damage but higher buff % and be able to replace a tower in a long island arrangement that has 3 current flaks at the front with red mage, and supporting blue mage right behind the halfway point of the island. Basically just use the flak supershots to cancel all spells and debuff the dragon so much and pummel with all different types of damage until it’s forced to give up the goods.

I can’t see it being used at all in normal (previous Meta) game play if a player currently only has a dark flak tower. I don’t think that the investment in BOTH the dark and electro flaks is a good idea, I think it would be better to diversify and not put so much damage requirement on the one dark flak tower (which is what this new flak will be supporting).

Either way can’t really speculate too much more until the actual stats, firing rate, range, etc come out

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