Wave 2 Omiros- Verdant legendary dark warrior & Sola rider

That’s much more precise and accurate.
I’m bad at explaining xD


Poooor poor Sola for real :joy:


Yep “somebody poisoned the water hole” and leaked next wave :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You go from paying 63% of full price to paying 61% of full price. So the savings are 2% of the original price that nobody ever actually pays, but it’s 3.17% (2/63) off on the price you pay without this rider, but with all the other normal discounts.


Hmm the rider actually looks good discounts buildings and increases attack and HP

Not much attack just HP but discounting build time easily makes building towers easier

I’d get the rider for next fort. Any timer saving is good saving.

Edit: Damn you PG. Full skill tree for full construction bonus! :unamused: I want to save now! Not in six weeks!

PS: I like Sola. They probably just went with Sol the Sun and added “a” to make it sounds feminine, since we’re in a spacial theme. Admit it, it’s still better than “Ano” any time of the day! :joy:

And it could be musical too. Sol the note. Space is a music and a celestial dance!


I dont bother going over 11M anymore, it’s a complete waste. So for me it’s around 35-55 days depending on if there are farms to upgrade or not
12% vs 14%

Depends on the line. I’d take the electrum line over that any day of the week (if it still has a large number of timers and chests in it). I’d certainly get it over some lame legendary dragon but to me Venus and the Electrum are better

Do we have any design pictures on Omiros yet? I really like seeing the new dragons :dragon:

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@PrimeMusashi getting 24 million or so points :upside_down_face:

I’d love a picture of the dragon if possible

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I think that a white freeze spell could be decent, but considering you need to destroy towers to gain the health you lose, with hammer spams this guy is just gonna flop like is father, Quasar.

Quasar can handle hammer spams [except triple defended spam]

And welcome to the community!


A was more suggesting higher tier atlas runs when people usually triple d, and thanks!

I didn’t come across triple defense at all when I had Quasar on loan, but I do have several videos with Quasar heavily defended on massive bases, some of which are in Atlas - he did fine


Thanks! Since this season did start recently and pg still has time to fix ikaros, I’ll save my keys until I can decide. Ikaros is definitely mechanical and I’m not the best flier so I’ll take that into consideration. Anyways thanks for the help, I’ll definitely try for a mythic this season.


Wait for week 5 reveal


Where can i find the picture of omirus?



What we got for now.


The rider will have a 25% boost as well as the dragon right?