Wawel Dragon from Poland

Dear Dragons creators,

We, dragon riders who have roots in the ancient Slavic land of Poland, have request to take a look into our Wawel dragon legend.

It is Poland’s greatest legend and tale that all children know and was passed down from generation to generation during long winter evenings.

It would be great if this theme could be used in future seasons.

Info about our dragon can be found here.

Best regards, Dragons riders born at Wawel in Poland

xxPAXxx, Lexa, Kagain, Diabolina1988, SHEisDRAGON, PlQueen, KotFilemon


I’d really like to have an entire season inspired by this!


Very interesting would like to hear more.

Actually that is very interesting and I appreciate your addition to our community thanks for posting and I hope pg considers your proposal :sunglasses::facepunch:
Very cool this is what the forums is really about :+1:

They should make an entire season or line dedicated to folk-lore designed dragons.