Way to get past divine dragons


Would be nice if there was a way to get past event or divine dragons. Some people started playing after cool event dragons came out. Plus some of us never get enough sigils in a season to get the 4 th event dragon even with buying packs. I spent $100 but will still be unable to get him at 200 sigils per event . Perhaps an event where you earn sigils towards evolve stones, runes, dragons and whatnot from past events.or maybe make sigils last past one season so if we don’t get a whole branch we can try next season. Just thoughts .

Dragon finishing

Not this again :man_facepalming:t3:


My thoughts exactly.


Based on the more recent divines and the addition of new dragon tiers, the power level of past Divines will now be disappointing. They had their day, let them now Rest In Peace.


With 100$ you would not get even near the mythic divine. It takes at least 1.5K$, and that’s when almost maxing every event…


My understanding of the philosophy is that we bring back divine dragons every 6-12 months when they’re back in breeding season. Also, a chance to keep upgrading them from where you left off the last time. Not sure how well we actually execute against that idea though.


@pgCampusLifer Oh please no.


Does this just refer to the dodos or pre-seasonal divines (before Skarr/Nightshade/Ebon)?


Honestly I haven’t been involved in the team who works on dragons/events/seasons since like … 2014 so I’d just be making things up if I try to answer :slight_smile:


I would like to be able to earn some of the prior divine dragons, has PG ever thought of having one older dragon available a second time during a new season and then only having three new divine during that season. It would allow newer players to obtain, enjoy and compete with those levels and dragons. If they will never be available again why are they even showing in my bereeding hut. If newer players can never earn them why keep playing. Just like the avatars also. Some of them should be brought back also like Pog.


I think bringing back old dragons would be a mistake, but what if there was a “generic” set of evolve stones out there that could be used on our old dragons. I know it would be a pain in the butt, because you’d have to make them not useable for the current seasons dragons, but then when the season was over, you’d have to change some coding to allow them to work. I’m just brainstorming here. I’m sure the solution is out there.


I loved Skarr … only got to 2nd evo stone so now cant upgrade him to be viable so he sits in the training hall unused.

It would be lovely to be able to pick up earning evo stone from where I left off … as things stand the effort I put into getting him a year ago now feels like something of a waste.

(to get all dragons from a season $1.5k? This seems an obscene amount of investment for a game - I find it hard to believe anyone is willing to pay this - fair play to pg if they can persuade people to part with this amount of cash … )


I’m interested in knowing or getting evo stones for past dragons as well. Kinarus and Drakius for example… I can’t go any higher as was new when they came out. and didn’t get any evo stones on then…


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I will post the same thing I post on this thread every time it comes up from now on:

Divines have always been a really neat collectors status thing, both the original divines and the season divines. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean you should have it either. It’s like saying “I wasn’t collecting when the last auction was for that vase, but I want it now.” Well sorry, but it isn’t up for auction or sale now. These old divines are a badge for older players, especially the pre-season divines. They aren’t even good anymore. Also also, new divines are coming out anyway - spend your sigils on the newer, better dragons.


I want a real life Dodo bird, so I should be able to have one. Mother Nature, get on it.

Dont be selfish, think of the players who have supported this game from the beginning. Its cool to SEE old dragons that you never did before. That goes away if you offer everything to everyone, the variety of dragons in the game gets diminished.

“You cant always get what you want.”
-The Rolling Stones


I would love to see the breedable divines come back. They have not been available (Aside from Dodophyrr and Donivalis) for the entire 2 years I have been playing.

The season divines however. Once they are gone, they are gone. Dont bring them back.


I just want lyth. Bring back that red insect looking thing. It is the only divine that came out before I started the game so never had a chance to get it. I have missed others but that was my choice.



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