Way Too Strong!

The talk a few weeks ago about the new over powered farms had me thinking…

Can we please address the hp of the bridge? It just seems ridiculous to me that a simple bridge can take 2 sometimes 3 Death Gaze/Umbrella spike shots! The damn bridge is stronger then a level 50 Dark Flak! :dizzy_face:
Seriously What the hell is that bridge made out of?

That’s an extremely powerful bridge especially since you don’t even get the one minute timer every time.

I do feel this is an urgent issue! Please fix the bridge ASAP to its appropriate strength. Thanks!


@PGJared loves the bridge (I am kidding of course)!!


Things made with love last longer! Maybe that’s it?

Which bridge are you talking about?

What bridge?

Maybe Adamantium or Vibranium lol :joy::joy::joy: seriously what bridge. I haven’t come up on any that was that durable

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The bridge between the 2nd Long Island and the lighthouse island. I don’t know about it being OP for me it breaks easily :woman_shrugging:t2:

Crying about OP bridges now🤦🏻‍♂️


That is a one-hit bridge, just aim above the boat, dear OP.

The bridge the OP is talking about is the Atlas bridge immediately at the start of the middle long is it not?

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The bridge that connects the first Long Island to the main island that has the Storage, Den, Incubator, etc…

Oh you need one shot for the guard posts that are in front of the bridge usually, then the second shot actually hits the bridge. Don’t fire too fast or the second shot may still hit the posts.

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Nice trolling :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Aim there and it’s done :white_check_mark: :clown_face:


You can see the stone structure in front that needs to be taken down before the bridge unless your dragon is close enough to shoot over it

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Go to 2:05 and you’ll see what I mean

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Oh ok! Gotta aim for the back :+1:

I honestly never noticed the stones in front.

I appreciate the help guys that bridge has been a real thorn in my side :wink:

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The stone in front sometimes drops items as does the bridge itself.


It’s better to leave the bridge up. Sometimes there’s a troll that jumps out if you break the bridge. It proceeds to decapitate and disembowel your dragon. That forces you to breed it all over again, so not worth the risk if you ask me.


Southern Cross kills it easily :rofl:

Thank you for the heads up. :dizzy_face:
I guess I should consider myself lucky I haven’t came across him yet! :sweat_smile: