Ways to get more timers

Hey forum friends,
So… I’m a rather obsessive planner. Long story short, in order to get to Sapphire within my four-month (ish) goal, I need… a lot of timers. Specifically for incubating dragons (need to do so immediately to follow my plans) and reaching level goals during fortification. I outlined my plan for the next few breeding events in this thread.
What are some effecient ways to get more timers? I exclusively forge healing potions; should I start forging twelve hour timers to help? I really don’t want to be stuck in Platinum any longer, I feel like my progress is dragging on. Apologies if this topic has already been covered, I did a forum search and couldn’t find anything. :t_rex:


Outside of prizes, there isn’t really a good way to grind timers.

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If you are buying packs, there is a pack during fortification that has additional timers. They also drop slightly better during that event from chests.

I don’t spend on anything but elite (I have no monies to spend on this game over other things lol) but damn, I thought timers dropped the best during PvPs (really the only time I open chests). Thought I saw something a while back about that. I need about 19 days more days worth if speedups before next fortification. I don’t even have many chests saved up :confounded: :t_rex:


I actually exclusively forge 12/h timers, they sure add up, I usually get enough healing pots from chests. Atlas has helped me with timers big time, I usually get 500/600 1 hours per atlas event, considering we have 2 atlas events per week that adds up to over 1000 hours per week. So if you don’t have atlas, you should consider moving to a team that has it.


chest farming is a good idea! there are a couple bases that you can attack over and over again. they drop TONS of chests, and regular items, like rubies, speedups, healing potions, etc. my favorite base to attack is fairyknight1 on the team nowarsfarm. i fill my roster with death gaze dragons and attack it over and over again. Just dont try to defeat the base. damage taken during attacks = longer heal times. longer heal times = less attacks. less attacks = less timers. hope this helps!

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Bahh all my death gaze dragons are leveled up but I can certainly go find a few. Thanks! :t_rex:

I would, but I’ve been in my team since September and we’re like a family haha. We’re in Gold 1 so we have a long way to go. :t_rex:

ya me too. my ember is level 6 i think. the four minute healing time blows! i found a way to make it work tho. i have enki, horbok, bolt, and ember all on my roster. i start with ember, then bolt, then harbok, and then enki. by the time i am done with enki, ember is ready to go again! i am usually watching TV or youtube when i am chest farming, so it makes the waits more bearable.

Nice, good idea! My ember is level 14 :sob: Couldn’t remember how many dragons had DG so when I have some time I will try that out. Thank you! :t_rex:

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If you have Atlas, there are options for timers in the missions, event prizes, and higher tier tributes. That doesn’t apply to a lot of people still, though.

For the non-Atlas game, it’s more about saving speedups.

  • Figure out how much you can delay using speedups to hatch a dragon. After all, the majority of lineage dragons are breeders only, not worth leveling or a place on the roster.
  • Optimize fortification events - Build at the start, then leave the two building until near the end of the event to save 5-6 days.
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LOL @forScience beat me to it.
If you have Atlas, you need to learn to take advantage of Atlas Events.
Crafting for example; save your scrolls and build up shards by hitting poachers. During the Crafting Event, build boots, boots, boots, and more boots, keep building boots until you get Legendary, then Upgrade those Legendary Boots. Then build boots of another element type.

If you play Atlas Events the same way you play Fortification or Breeding events, you will get hundreds of hours of speedups during each, Crafting, Building Troops, Training Primarchs and Riders.


Damn, this makes me want Atlas more. Thank you for the info though, because I know I’ll get there one day lol :t_rex:

Another question: is this pack worth it? It has almost 19 days of speedups. I normally only use my rubies for SS chests and speeding up token missions. :t_rex:

nah I think if you spend 4k in gold chests during for youll get far more for your rubies.

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Open everything during breed event only. You’ll get way more timers than you need. At least I do :man_shrugging:


How do you get energy/IF?


I treat that pack as more of an “emergency situation” type usage. If you just need a handful of 12h speedups for more points in fort, I’d use this pack over gold chest gambling. If it’s just for more speedups in general, then save the rubies for what you mentioned. Gold Chests do have pretty decent speedup drops during the minor events too, so you may want to look at what your speedup potential is from season lines vs gold chests (e.g. skipping rune dust or a less preferred prize in favor of opening gold chests for speedups if timers aren’t anywhere near where you’d end up).

does this give more speed up than gold chest in compare?

Not fully sure, but… I ended up getting it. Sped to 102. I figured I either skip this event or skip the next fortification. By my calculations I should be able to make it to Fomhar’s Garnet stone either way. Plus, I got my divines uncapped. I’ll probably end up skipping the next breeding because I won’t have Rizar and Kaiju leveled, but I’ll just amass more tokens toward Sapphire breeding. With that speedup pack I ended up with more timers than I thought I would. I hope I didn’t make a mistake. I just wanted something to happen this event. Lol.
@forScience (thought I’d tag you since you responded too). :t_rex:

Edit: Forgot breeding a Plat legendary to uncap doesn’t count 'til you incubate it. Oh well. Will get it earlier than my last plan anyway.