Wayward Officer - S2 - 474

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Language: English
Time Zone: BST
Played time: 4 years? Ish? Defo too long
Age Range: 18+ - I’m a Brit with a potty mouth so defo shouldn’t be around small people :woman_shrugging:t2:
Elite Account?: yes elite, yes atlas elite… I mean who doesn’t have both? Should this even be a question?
Dragon Roster Includes : kin and LockJaw
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vexa and just training pointless Annelida
Annoying Brit, rage quit my team and tbh I should have known better. It’s the first time in my 4 years playing I’ve ever done that for which I am sorry about to all of my team.

Still, I’m not a bad teammate, I believe I am loyal and hardworking… I hit well over hit 8/8 and have only been in three teams proper in my WD career. Defo not unreliable and always there to be counted on for war.

It’s just that a thing happened and now I’m homeless.

Was in S2 and don’t really want to drop lower. Preferably looking for a team run by a woman.

Not looking for a DOA aligned team.

These things happen but I’ll defo be a good recruit to someone!

Send me a pm here or in game message. Not looking for an officer position but defo looking for a team that likes music.

Onwards and upwards.


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Usually those are the teams I recommend but luckily, I had a friend from the other side that’s looking!

Pm Nistroxia from Hard2Own in game

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Fixed. And thanks for catching that

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