WD events going stale?

While making notes for my team wiki I realised that we now have only 6 events to play over a season, and if we get feeding event once a season there will be some events we do 3 times in a season.
I know PG will never do it, but to break the monotony of the events for players, why not bring an old school event back once a season and call it a retro event.
PG could have a in-game vote at the start of the season for the retro event. This way the newer players could get a little glimpse of how this game was once fun/frustrating depending on the event, and how it was about the skill of flying and not all about the almighty MC.
What are your views about this?

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Many players will like the idea of bringing back old events (many won’t).

PG won’t bring them back as they were retired for a reason. PG said the code was unstable and that they couldn’t update it, because it was written in a funny way. Lot’s of players think that the actual reason is less people spent during these events but that’s a conversation for another thread.

The more likely solution is that PG create some new or re-create the old events with new code.

New code being adding mega coin. :rofl:


I’m not a user of twitter but #BringBackTheRaidButton


Well fortification and breeding are always 3 or 4 times per season, so it’s mostly about the 6 or 7 pvp slots in each season. One of them gets eaten up by feeding, so this season we’ll likely have 5 pvp event. There should be a new event introduced this season as well, so most likely we’ll get the new event twice, and each other event once.

Autumn has 7 pvp events (if the normal pattern holds), so they should probably add another pvp event for that season and run that one twice, everything else once.

I would like for them to introduce a little more than that, and retire some of the less fun ones like pits, but I don’t think we’ll need to have the same pvp 3 times in a season any time soon.


I still feel like pits beats kingdom wars :laughing: at least with fight pits there’s a bit of variety in the bases you can hit lol


Yeah true, but I don’t see them retiring KW first, considering how new it is… Maybe they’ll tune it some more to make it actually work, who knows…

Fight pits won’t be going anywhere anytime soon just like the reason they kept team gauntlet and not the other events. Fight pits rewards speed. The fastest way to put up points is mega coins and the most expensive. It would be nice to see some old events back from time to time though. Wouldn’t mind seeing trials, blackbloods, and the xp event.

@SIeepytime would love to see blackbloods again. I’d even be happy to see dragon Olympics make a guest appearance.


So what’s their excuse for ATLAS and all the bugs? It’s their coding and from what I read on the forums it’s full of bugs and glitches, I don’t have access to Atlas so can only go by what I read. (Slightly off topic).

Three words: Python and Linux

Haven’t seen the Olympics? Took a break and just returned this August. I’m quite interested, care to explain?

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