WD just crashed [Resolved 4:35pm PT]

Yea its there servers

Ty dear

Let me in…

Or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll… just kidding please let me in.



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Thanks, everyone, for the quick reports. War Dragons should be back online at this time. Please see this post for more information:

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We have a WAR due to start. How is this server issue going to address it?

Err, well the other team won’t be able to do anything, so I think you’ll be fine?

Rip WD was nice to play u😥

It’s back up, folks

Pewpew was sending mail and then kaboom
Glad game is back and have to write mail from zero again :roll_eyes:

I was able to have a life for about 5 minutes.


Updated the title of the thread for more clarity.

I can’t run either.
Please fix it quickly.:joy::joy:

Wire transferred this month’s payment to the server hosting company is my bet.

PG must have forgot to pay their castle upkeep :eyes:

It wasn’t just WD. Other games were down too.

Any apology chest coming ?? :yum:
15 mins down time can be compensated with something :thinking:
1 gold chest per minutes or
100 rubies per minutes or
Free avatar

PS: I know I’m dreaming…

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LMAO they should make a custom avatar and give it out.

It should be a white stick figure on a black background meme style, with text that says “I survived the day WD wasn’t available for 15 minutes”

I wonder if anyone at PG has enough of a sense of humor to make this happen?


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