WD Manager (Dragon Manager alternative)

Since Dragon Manager is no longer available, I have created WD Manager. I say alternative because I could never hope to replace it, but hopefully these tools will help with the loss of Dragon Manager.

WD Manager

Please let me know if you find any issues. This information comes directly from the game data files but translating the information into a usable format is a bit tedious.

I hope this will be helpful!

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to look at the files and help me resolve issues and make this resource better.



5/28 - Began work on WD Towers and initial post.

5/29 - Continued work on WD Towers and started WD Dragons. Added WD Riders and WD Game Info

5/30 - Continued work on verifying and making sure data is correct.

5/31 - Added minimum level to breed to WD Dragons (I think I need to look at this again because I’m not sure it is correct), spells and storage level info for dragons. I’ve updated some items in WD Towers that were not correct.

6/1 - Added Breeding. Updated WD Dragons to include the Tier Based Discounts for Incubation Time, Dragon Training Cost and Dragon Training XP. Split WD Dragons into 2 separate files, WD Lineage Dragons and WD Divine Dragons. Created a document with links and information on using the tools.

6/3 - Updated Dragons files.

6/4 - Updated WD Breeding. Improved performance and it is now sorted by Token Cost on the Find Parents tab. Updated WD Divine Dragons & WD Lineage Dragons to show what level the spells are unlocked. Added SummerKai Dragons to WD Divine Dragons and SummerKai Riders to WD Riders.

6/5 - Removed WD Breeding and WD Token Combos until I can ensure the accuracy of the data. Updated WD Breeding and am pretty confident in the token costs. Please let me know if you find any issues or feel that something is incorrect. The latest version is 1.31. Still working on WD Egg Token Combos.

6/10 - Updated WD Lineage Dragons and WD Divine Dragons. Latest version is 1.4. Scientific notation when copying the game files into the spreadsheet rounded numbers in dragon details sheet. Created a script that will import all the files automatically when a new game update comes out, and fixed the issue with the scientific notations.

6/12 - Updated WD Dragons to pull in the csv files automatically. Each time you choose a dragon on the sheet, it will pull the information for the game csv file directly from my Google Drive. This allowed me to put all dragons back on the same spreadsheet and reduce the number of sheets from well over 200 to only 20, even after combing Lineage & Divine dragons back into one sheet. Latest version is v1.51. WD Towers is now updated to automatically pull in game data files as well. Latest version v1.41. NOTE: The trade off is that it can take some time for the data to load.

6/14 - Changes to WD Dragons. Added season information for seasonal divines. Added Invoker Class icon. Fixed issue with adaptive resist not showing properly.

6/18 - Added WD Rune Charts. Added WD Runes (searchable). More info here.

Web Based Resources

WarDragons Almanach (Work in Progress) - Info Site (Updated 6/14/2019 - Data 5.00.0)

DragonManager Replacement


Thanks! Some of us don’t know how to access game files. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seems that it missed the BuildingLevelBasedDiscounting
Also, towers need Builder upgrades too.

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Awesome. If you need help deciphering anything, I know how/where most everything is.


Thank you! I know I will have missed things so I appreciate the input because this is the first time I’ve looked at the files. I also realized that it shows levelRequired but starts at 1 for Dark Flak which I know is not correct.

My goal is to get all the formulas set up so that I can just copy/paste the raw data files and it will update everything. Lets hope it is that easy. :joy:


Thank you so much for taking on this daunting project!

Do you know where I can get the actual player level required? For example, Dark Flak has levelRequired starting at 1 but I know that is incorrect.

I’m not sure what you mean by “towers need Builder upgrades too”. Do you mean to add Builder Hut level to all the towers? I have it on Cannon & Archer but not the others. I can add it to all of them.

Well for instance until I upgrade my builder’s hut I can’t get my towers past level 65…

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I’m aware of that. I just wasn’t sure what Orca meant because I did have the Builder Hut info on some of the towers, so I’m assuming s/he meant to add it to all the towers but just wanted to make sure. For example, the Earth Totem data file does not have Builder Hut level noted, but Cannon and Archer do.

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Ah, I haven’t seen the data files :sweat_smile:

They’re a mess. :joy:

Maybe Sandberg can send you what he has so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But that might be asking for too much …

Yeah, I wasn’t gonna even ask. LOL

The info is there, I just have to make sense of it and once that is done it won’t be too terribly difficult to keep it updated. I’m setting it up so I can just copy/paste data files when new towers/tiers come out and it will be done.

In building.csv it tells you how many you unlock and at what level from the achievementsMaxAmountIncrease Showing a level requirement and a colon and a number of additional you can build. I think for some buildings this is the limiter. You can see dark flak gets 1 at 45, 2 at 50, 2 at 70, and 3 at 80

This combined with the level requirement I believe give you what you want. That is to say you are allow to have 0 at level 1 but if you somehow had one you could upgrade it all the way to level 5. But since you need to be 45 (assuming that’s right) the minimum level is not important until after 45.

It also points to the file containing the upgrade stats and anything else you might want.


Great, thanks so much!

Awesome, Kate! :clap::clap:
Keep on going!:wink:

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@ConfusedKate Just an info.
If you’re using discount from ingame files at 4.99 (original files), there is a tweak on discount part.

I’m happy to hear this - I had that site bookmarked. Was sad to see it gone.

I’m now also curious about the game files. I’d never thought to access them. :thinking:

Do the discounts apply to the main base buildings as well (builder, storage, etc)?