WDF happened to all the bronze chests!

Hi guys,

I have recently contacted PG about the fact that since the final gauntlet event ended tuesday morning i have not been able to get ANY bronze chests.

The potty fuk response i got was that its all based on chance which is controlled by some sort of system they have in place and its all about probability…

Well i am now over 100 runs deep into the fortification event and I’m still yet to receive any bronze chests from runs so wat the hell do i have to do to get some?

I then asked for assistance and tech support guy ( who i will not name because i have INTEGRITY!) copy and pasted a reply that he had literally just sent to another player and they quickly sent me the same reply again but I’m my name…

Who do i contact for real help?

Bronze chests are my main strategy when it comes to breed event as i do not spend money and if i cant get them then wats the point of me playing?
The game is becoming less fun because it is being more and more moved towards making it all about spending money to get further and its ridiculous…

So i dont have the money to get where I wana to get to on the game and when i have major errors with the game tech support are either unwilling
to help or they fob me off with useless and patronising responses…

I’m lost and in need of help so SOMEBODY with any kind of authority in the game read this and reach out to me because i need help and i am being denied this.

Thank you.

the first thing to do is make sure you have the game id
the second thing is reinstall the game

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^^ is that right there. Once uve tried that get back to us.

I highly suggest you use some form of kindness in reaching out to the people of this community. Good luck.

Ticket. Don’t reply to it (it’ll put you at the back of the line)
Website if ticket doesn’t work.
You can PM employee.

Ive tried that blitz… nothing has changed.

Its becoming highly frustrating because while I’m getting the basic timers n rubies every now and then it is the bronze chests that continue to mysteriously evade me…

I am at an utter loss :confused:

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How do i go about doing that donn?

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People have given answers which have hopefully worked, but I’ve hit this glitch a number of times; sometimes it goes away after a restart, or a reinstall, or a device reset, but the only solution I’ve found that works 100% of the time is this:

  1. Make sure you have a Pocket ID (email / password associated with the game) and that you know it.
  2. Sign out.
  3. Uninstall the game.
  4. Power off your device, then power it on.
  5. Download the app.
  6. Log in as yourself.
  7. Congratulations, you have bronze chests again.

Hope this helps!


I’m already have the same problem… your soutions is working… if you @MBHarbinger90 using android, you just can clear data and cache, don’t reinstall the games

Having much the same issue although it appears not to be an issue according to support. Was surprised I don’t recall ever getting rubies during an event before

That is wrong. Chests should be dropping instead of rubies during events. The eggs dropping are extra and don’t effect chest drops.

That was my belief thankfully reinstalling as suggested above has fixed it but I was surprised the support answer was effectively it’s working as intended.

Yeah maybe I should go work for support lol

I agree with that.
1 better would be that they should just give 1 drop per monument and make the drops random.
Atleast you wouldn’t be wasting time attacking monuments and not getting anything at all.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Thanks guys i appreciate the helpful comments. I will have to try n uninstalll agen and hope it works.

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