WDGeeks.info -- Soft Launch of a New Guide and Information Site!



Hello War Dragon’s Community!

A lot of you who know me or my fellow WD Geeks know this is a project we have been working on for a long long time. Well, we are finally ready for a Soft Launch and are excited to share what we have so far.

Why a Soft Launch?

Our goal for this site is for it to be an ever developing and constantly updated piece for the War Dragons Community. It's not "full" yet, and I suspect it never will be full or finished. We will be constantly adding things to it and developing the best guides we can for the community all in one place.

Who are the people working on this?

Myself, @mechengg @forScience, and @NigheanIDonn are the main “Geeks” or contributors, so to speak. We all have different specialties and work fantastic together. A huge shout out to @PoseidonPQ for making our amazing logo and banner for the site too. Sidenote: we will be running a contest to name our Geeky Dragon soon!

Who is this site for?

This site is for leaders, members, new dragon lords, and even the older ones as well. Our goal is to have something that appeals to everyone, even in the smallest of ways.

What content can we look to see next?

Our next immediate goals are:
  1. Finish Guides for Major Events
  2. Flesh out and publish our “war” section
  3. Updated our “how to attack” for beginners
  4. “For the Leaders” blog
  5. Flying Video directory to see the dragons in action in the hands of some skilled fliers.

Mobile Version?

A completely mobile friendly version of the site will be coming soon!

Guide for This Week's Event

click image
We are currently updating this page and will be adding and updating information today, tomorrow, and Wednesday!

We hope that you help us grow and develop this site together, and can't wait to see what suggestions and ideas you have.


Team Gauntlet Strategy

Love it! Great job!


A one stop shop for all my WD info needs? You rock @TheRedDelilah!


Couldn’t see on my phone but it seems promising :grin::+1:


We will have a mobile-friendly skin coming soon! It is a bit of a time intensive task so we are pushing our focus on the information first.

@EvilNat - try again, I had a typo in the link


Those are true teachers, as the biggest possible compliment.

Most of what I know I learned through Red, Mech and Sci, before even dreaming of becoming a Rulithian.
By passing on knowledge in such fun and elegant site the impact will be invaluable.

“The stone thrown in the ocean makes waves without visible ends.” - The Immortality of the Teacher, by Howard Fussiner


Now it works :grin: Fantastic work guys, everything seems orderly and efficient! 5​:star:


Looks cool! Can’t wait to really dig into it!


It’s a fantastic looking site, and you really do have some of the brightest WD minds all behind the site. It was really my pleasure and honor to be able to design the logo. And everything serves a purpose, makes sense, and the site is really easy to use. Good job you guys!


Thanks for posting this Red!

I’m on a major data mining expedition for the next iteration of each event for prizes, bonuses, exact hp/bounty/etc so the full detailed version of each event will be released just after the events are out. We have a basic guide and strategy up for now, it just won’t be 100% optimized until afterwards.

So you may see me asking for more data/info like i did for the feeding and gauntlet event recently, the more you help me, the more i can help you!



I’m super excited for this!! I’m 100% on mobile so I haven’t been able to see the site yet, but I know it looks fantastic already :smile:

Edit: I can see it and it looks fantastic! Tine to go explore this :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done can’t wait for the mobile skin. Keep up the good work.
And once again thank you.


Holy ### that is epic.


“Do better, suck less”

“Get your sh|t together”




Can we send funds, I know you are doing a great thing. Hope to visit the site soon, two :+1::+1:up.


Id love to donate, Too


Fyi, broken link. Going to the elemental totems from the towers page takes you to the breeding event page




Any plans for anything on Atlas?


There is some atlas info on there…

What info are you wanting?