WDGeeks.info -- Soft Launch of a New Guide and Information Site!


Like @DEATHbyPUPPIES said, we do have some things up for Atlas so far including:

  • Day to Day Guide
  • Currencies & Definitions
  • Locations & Infrastructure
  • Getting Started (new to Atlas Guide)

We will soon have some more!


I haven’t had a chance to look because I’m on mobile only. So was just curious is all.


The site should still work on mobile, just more resource-intensive (less than the game :rofl:) than the mobile version.


My phone keeps crashing with it. I don’t think it’s your site. I’ve actually been having crashing problems all day with the game, something that is incredibly rare for me. Luckily, porn still works. :joy:


LOL :joy:


This is awesome!


Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe. You guys are rockstars! <3


Nice job @TheRedDelilah - thank you!


Nice work, love the layout of the website! :slight_smile:


You could offer Pg to buy your service and give up on WD blog :joy:


Really nice job. Been looking for such a site!


For people with Atlas, I have been working on adding to and updating our Atlas Guides. Please let me know what questions you have so I can ensure we have a guide your teams can use to get answers to their questions!


Why does the site www.WDgeeks.info crash a lot, doesn’t start or isn’t stable (reloads endlessly).
I use Safari on an iPad


You’ll want to see if you can update Safari, or the device may not support the newest version - guessing, though, as there’s no iPad version info. Older Safari versions are a little bit like pre-Internet Explorer 11 :rofl:


That must be it. Using an iPad4 tho (no iOS 11).


In /events

  1. Geek out button on the Tug of War redirect to Zeppelin mission.
  2. Is the description on the Tug of War and Conquer the World intentional?


/waves/ Hey Red! I don’t think the Boosts & Spells link works, at least not on mobile. It just lets me select the text. Tried on both Google Chrome and Safari. :slightly_frowning_face: :t_rex:




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All of my content, including WDGeeks, are now offline. This is a statement that something needs to change NOW with player progression. Stop ignoring your player base and what we need in favor of simply doing whatever is on YOUR roadmap. No lies, no pretty words. Transparency.

Simple fact:

Apophet costs 200k tokens. This dragon is seven tiers below endgame
Redrian costs 175k tokens. This is an endgame dragon.

The game deserves scaling, the players deserve scaling. This applies to dragons, towers, and levels.

What happened to wdgeeks.info