WDGeeks.info -- Soft Launch of a New Guide and Information Site!





I hope this works. Thank you.


Overwhelming support from the users will be the only way we can make this happen


Wait what? You took down stuff that helps players to punish PG? Am I missing something?


To bring attention to a massive issue.


Well I’m glad I printed it out. Breeding is probably next week. :rofl:


Agreed, especially by all the players that usually never comment or send in tickets, etc.


Haha I took a screen shot of my guide! Yes totally agree with everything said here Red because this is a massive issue.


Yes it hurts players short term but should a volunteer be responsible for providing the vast majority of useful information about a game? I’d argue probably not. Maybe it’s time that shock horror PG provided some useful information.


The way it is now, I’d never in a million years recommend this game to a new player.

PG: you’ve made it a habit to lean on certain insights/suggestions from your longest-term players. Now’s the time to listen to all of them. Scaling is mandatory for the survival of this game.


When will the fat cats at Rulith stop handing out massive advantages to the most hated demographic in the game, players with photographic memories???

Just kidding, this is an interesting gesture, and I respect it. Thanks to Red and all the geeks for all they have done for the community; this move is another entrant in that very long list. I hope circumstances soon change enough that you can feel good about putting things back online.


I totally agree and support @TheRedDelilah for taking down her breeding paths in protest. She has worked countless hours on them for the betterment of the gaming community. Thanks to the increasing incompetence of everyone at PG in ruining the game by not scaling the tiers it makes it impossible for anyone that is not spending money on the game to get close to the end game tier. I myself am currently trying to breed icicle next but because he is 243k tokens I won’t be able to get him for at least 2 more breeding events. If there were scaling of the tiers to allow for a mythic garnet to cost at least 90k tokens less than people would be able to get him easier. I wouldn’t recommend this game to a new player looking for a new game to play even if PG paid me to do so. Thanks for nothing PG.


I thought things were getting better. The balloon upgrades was a good first step. All of platinum got atlas so there’s bonus tokens there. They just did dragon XP fixes for players over 300. They can’t fix everything at once.

  1. Egg token balloon isn’t enough for players
  2. Egg token balloon isn’t any better for hardcore grinders.
  3. Timer requirements have increased and drops by have decreased
  4. XP fix for GROWTH over 300 hasn’t been touched

AKA - they are fixing the “minor” things and ignoring the major things.


I hope this works Red but I’m not holding my breath. PG only listens to money.


100% with you, the token requirements are ridiculous.


Totally support you Red!

Unfortunately, I don’t think the gesture will warrant a response, probably not even an acknowledgement, from the overlords.

Something needs to be done and now. Not tomorrow, not in 5.0 or 6.0, but NOW.


#IStandWithRed this is important


Hello PG…um we are all freaking out without Red, she has published a wealth of info helping this dragon community. My team and many others used her breeding guides and WDgeek.info I’m really not sure what ppl are going to do without her helpful Breeding guides.

I’m really not sure what led to this, but it seems like she is saying we need to fix scaling and certain tiers get bogged down by high token costs for dragons.

PG I really enjoy this game, I love my dragons so please see if you can take some of the communities suggestions before the game implodes from mass exodus.