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It might be best to replace the site with a message explaining the stand. Right now it just looks like you forgot to continue the domain name registration.


Im in


If you read what is written, it doesn’t.



Why is the site down? :frowning:


As per Red with full support of myself (another heavy contributor to the site)




Looks like it was never there… I agree w/ @MungSu. That way it reaches people who may not be on the forum or get things like this communicated by people who are.

Not complaining - I appreciate what you guys and gals do :smiley:


Sadly it’s the only way I could make the whole site offline easily.


Probably replace it with temporary files…
And restore it when you want it to be online.

(Notice page instead of offline page)


I would have suggested changing your home page and not having it link to anything, except people would still be able to access the other stuff if they knew the proper web address to type in :woman_shrugging:


I am a silent traveler. And those dark will know my wrath.

I do not say many things…but those I say should such be listening… Listen

I stand with red…and I will continue to silently travel… your sins will be known if you do not listen


Yo, what dragons are these? They’re in the moving banner on the home page. :t_rex:


Icicle and shezard


Oh neat, thanks :grin: :t_rex:


I hope that dragon is obtainable.
Token-expelling dragon :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hey @TheRedDelilah ^-^ Wanted to let you know that the elemental totems link in the towers page goes to the breeding event page. I don’t think that’s intentional? :sweat_smile: :t_rex:



It’s my special little it’s-been-broken-since-day-one thing. lol. Thanks for the reminder - I’ll maybe remember to fix it today :joy:


Hehehe no problem! :rofl: :t_rex:


Legends foretold of a Mighty Dragonlord who spawned dragons from totems.


Easter egg? :crazy_face: