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Hi Geeks! I noticed the token mission farm list doesn’t list electro flaks. RetiredKat (already on the list) has some, they just aren’t mentioned in the doc. Just wanted to let you know. :slight_smile:


How. Do i find where the page or link to where you can find the xp and other stats for towers, cant seem to use mechengs fort planner for this



Is this what you’re looking for? :t_rex:


I tried that before and The links didnt work to the in depth of 1 tower, but now they work, thanks


It’s hard to look at the forum through mobile…
Can it be made to be more mobile friendly?



:eyes: I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing…
Hint: I won’t ask mech if it’s here :slight_smile:


Then apologies and ill show myself out… :rofl:


Mmmm. Yes, but I have to manually create the mobile skin by hand. It’ll take me a few hours


Added some informational images to the site for Temple Raid:


Want these images in your wiki? Just copy and paste the following:











How does the storms cycle in Temple Raid event?

Thank you!


As always Red, you are awesome :facepunch:t2:
And I’m really hoping that looks like a fist bump emoji


Outstanding! Do you have any other wiki links? :nerd_face: