WDScripts: Update

For those stalkers that that use alt’s to find players by mail, here is an alternative.

Atlas Power


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OMG Stalkeeeeers !!! :roll_eyes:

lmfaoo :raised_hands: :rofl:


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Oh my god. It’s show for real.
P/s: I check myself

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But that isn’t as helpful as an alt’s mail. The problem is when they change their names too. :thinking:

don’t think PG would be happy if it solved this problem

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There’s an old thread on how to stalk people better. The solution was to add them to your blocked list and it’ll follow that player through renaming.

Edit: here’s the link


Dude, thank you! Best website ever!

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added a leaderboard for atlas team power as well.



Teams 48, 49, 50 are the same as teams 51, 52, 53.

I like the list though :slight_smile:

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oh an oversight, thanks for pointing it out.

This is great. How do you start to access PG data? Is there any documentation for an API, or?

I made this post a year ago might answer your question.

Thanks. I’ve now read all of that thread and the one linked within by Crendenor. The answer is that there isn’t an API? You’ve managed to do it by looking at the calls made to PG servers by the game and reverse engineered those yourself so you can call them out of the game?

not really they are still API’s just not officially provided to third party’s.

PG is looking to end it though, they posted this yesterday,

Id say is almost impossible to completely end it, but we will see how far they take it.

Is it that or the dread bots, that alert their and others whole teams, when a prime lands on their castle. I consider that, much more of a unfair advantage. But :man_shrugging:.

I heard about it and I thought about doing it myself but, on top of not been as useful as you think, is actually not as harmful as you think either.

you usually go to the nearest neutral/nml or ally/passage castle before an attack, which it just takes a few seconds and the bot was set to run every two minutes if I heard right, which honestly makes no difference, almost every team will be aware of the attack before the alert even goes off.