We need a cost of living increase on pack gifts


Since it’s been the same for 4 years, I think a re-evaluation of the pack teammate gifts may be in order. Not that this is more important than other issues but I think this would be simple enough to implement and would benefit everyone, including PG by selling more packs.

While I’m here, let me reiterate my stance on packs. Give good packs and I will buy them. I want the 50k ruby packs like others have been offered. Until I see that, I will keep ignoring the terrible daily offers.

Please relay this information to the person(s) who sets these things. Finance department perhaps? Marketing? From an outside perspective they seem rather disconnected from the player base. I would think that ultimately more sales would be the goal here so I’m not really sure why this subject has been constantly ignored. I haven’t seen a single person that was happy with this new daily offer. We’ve given it a chance and it’s not working.

Thanks @Arelyna


I second this :+1:t2:
(I’m doing the same)


Agree! It’s more of an annoyance to collect those gifts. :rofl:


I managed one of these & I still don’t understand why these aren’t rolled out across the board.

Also yes, terrible daily offers. 5000 elemental shards as part of a pack in my current offer. Think they missed a zero off the end of that quantity :wink:


What would be the correct percentage rate of the pack that teammates should get?

If player x gets a $15 pack with 10,000 rubies, then team mates should get slightly less than if player y gets a $50 pack with 25,000 rubies…right?


Glory costs for seasons is going up, so we need an increase in glory. Maybe remove the lvl 349 cliff where GP massively drops instead of smoothly scaling down?


Didn’t they just give you back the revive rates and hat regen rate?


I was going to post a list of all the crappy daily offers PG keeps giving me. Utter garbage, while I see others getting nice deals on 20K rubies plus other goodies. I’m not spending $20 or even $50 on 500 sigils and a few gold chests. Stop offering me crap!

As for the pack bonus to the team when someone buys something, I agree with LX460. 4 egg tokens and 6 rubies to each team member for a $50 or $100 pack is insulting. I’d rather not get anything. It wasn’t anything special 3 years ago and its certainly not special now.

PG is interested in improving the player experience, they can start by offering everyone similar daily bonuses of value, and stop with the nonsense 6 rubies/4 egg tokens "hey a player spent a ton of money on our game, here is something worth $0.05


I calculated the value of 3 rubies based on the cost of a $100 pack a while ago. It’s less than 1 cent. And that would be if the $100 pack only contained rubies. So it’s actually considerably less.

Another meaningless award:

You can get 1 blue rider stone from beast once in a while. Just one. I’ve got just one so far in a month. A teammate has got 2. So if you skipped Swann because you thought the branch would stick around and not just the rider, you found yourself either getting Swann this season and skipping Malus or vice versa. There was no catch up mechanism for stones. But now there is… the beasts. Except at 1 stone per month, oh hell, let’s be nice and say 2 weeks, it’ll take a little over 19 years to get the stones for Swann.


Yeah I got 1 or 2. Is kind of a joke, isn’t it?


I’m not laughing. I thought I could wait on Swann and focus on gear. Instead, I got screwed. And not in the fun way. :unamused:


I’ve recieved a total of 3 from beasts :octopus: Not that I’m anywhere near the freaking 500 it takes to hire a special atlas seasonal rider :expressionless:


I’m at 3 as well!!


Maybe I’ll have enough shards from beasts by 2030 :rofl:


Grind hard! I believe


Beast are limited aren’t they?


Well, technically you could go hit a bunch in NZ and NML, but that’s expensive in terms of time and heal potions…


While I agree with the OP, I think it would be better and easier if we all just got a whole new game.


Limited to 8 per region per day
If you have 20 castles, it’s safe to assume around 10 or so unique regions right?
That’s 80 beasts per day for just what you own, then add in NML if you want to farm there

The shards add up, after multis I get 1.5k+ in select regions per hit


Are NML beast limited to 8 too?

I mean for team without castle