We need a cost of living increase on pack gifts


8 spawns per NML
X a bajillion NML
Equals more than you or me could get to in one day lol


not everyone gets 1500+ per hit…
i think even with elite most teams only have around 300% bonus and lev 3 lands give about 400-450 shards per hit ? maybe even less. NML doesn’t boost the shard quantity much so that’s there.
Its a general struggle to rack up those shards, while i grind hard i get limited by heal pots.


I don’t think we should praise them for unbreaking things. The regen rates went back to where they should have stayed. They reduced the revive rates from 100% to 90%, which amounts to a 10% reduction in possible glory from troops we can revive to fight. On top of that they increased the glory costs ANOTHER 10%.

And yet, the packs are still garbage, daily reward is worse, bonus from teammates is laughable, and daily offers are downright insulting. I’ve been saying for a long time repeatedly that the economy keeps to be evaluated because whoever is assigning costs to this nonsense is way out of touch with the game.

Bottom line, I agree with OP. And for how quick PG is to raise costs, they’re very clearly intentionally slow in raising output to match.


Why sell a gallon of milk for $1 when enough people are still paying $2 for half a gallon…

People can bash PG all they want for the game economy, pack values, etc… but the people really at fault for the state of the game economy are the players.

If people stop buying packs stuff would change quickly.


Any word on this? :slightly_smiling_face: @Arelyna

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