We need a longer list of war contributions

The war contributions page has recently been deleted. There has not been a replacement. Please bring this back or offer a shorter version of maybe last 5 or 10 wars. What I personally would love is one that offers stats for all the players as well. Something that includes how many times players back others, how many times people defend in war, and how many average flames a person gets per war, some sort of breakdown. I like data and it helps build a proper team.

If y’all can maybe add this to the team meeting hall so much of the team related material is centralized I’m sure it would be appreciated.


I like this idea! I’m also very driven by data, I love to see everything I can about my teammates to inform leadership decisions. This could help us honor the unsung heroes on defense. :pray:


Like those who spend twenty four hours defending

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PVP event stats would be cool, too - beyond points scored, which is often misleading as some people rack up worthless points hitting off target, etc.

War stats could easily be a tab under the war icon.


It would be nice to see those ones especially. I read data as a way to see who I need to focus on, both in game and personal. Some weeks I have people going nuts and for a random week I have stagnation. That’s when we get to use the data to impact people in a way that’s beyond the game


100% agree. More stats. Whenever the end of day war placement comes around I always want to see an overall sheet that it is based on. Like “i got 12th… What?!” I want to see who did better than me. It fuels conversation and puts a face to the successes.


If this is something possible, I know that it would be quite impactful. Even now as we speak I am trying to think of a way to compile the last 2 weeks worth of wars contributions to better help give evidence as to why we may need to move away from certain members, but we really don’t have the time to build a shared excel sheet or hand written chart. Any progress towards an expansive list in the game which already collects The data for us would be amazing!

Just to be a total prince here

Can’t they take pictures of every defense! :smirk:

Could we also possibly get a achievement page of a the rank of the person in the MVP leaderboard not something everyone only leader and officers can see or it can be submitted for a application.

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Any idea if this is being worked on?

I have to update. The war contributions has come back this week. Thank you for that.

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