We need a more obtrusive war reminder

2 in game notifications just doesn’t cut it.

I’m here watching my littles come in and do regular runs when they have war to do and they are ignoring in game notifications, ignoring @ messages, ignoring mails, and ignoring battle chat messages. They are going to get kicked at the end of this war if they dont do it. These are new players, less than level 40. Either they don’t speak English, or they just don’t understand what they are supposed to do. The tutorial at the beginning of the game doesn’t cover war so its not a surprise that a lot of new players have trouble with this. They don’t understand how important the team aspect of this game is.

We need a war reminder that they CANT ignore. I’m thinking give team leaders the option of placing team members on restriction, which would be done as a last resort. On restriction they cannot do any regular attacks until they complete their outstanding war attacks.

On restriction when they try to do a regular run they would see a dialog message that says
“Team leader has placed you on temporary restriction. You must complete your war attacks before you can continue to play”
The dialog would have “Go to War” and “Quit Team” buttons and the text of the dialog and buttons would be in their native language .


Easier just to kick. With how poorly this game is coded and maintained that solution would no doubt be a disaster.



Kick em out, easy!

I’m constantly booting them. I send mails, reminders, etc. PG loses new players because they base so much around wars, yet forget to tell new players about them.

Oh well, not my fault. It’s PGs for not making a war tutorial or something, you know, like Atlas has.

I agree with the giant dialogue message over mail. Makes more sense. Rest of the post is pretty iffy, especially about restrictions, but i understand where you’re coming from

I’d honestly like to see a basic war tutorial put in the game and EVERY player has to complete it.


Currently going threw same thing on my team I do agree best thing to do would be to kick in long run…

Obviously I am going to kick them. But I cant help but feel a little sorry for them because they are definitely playing actively, the just aren’t doing the right thing they need to be doing. Probably because they don’t know. And after I kick them they will probably go to another team which will kick them, etc.

Hence the point of my post. I’m talking about doing something for active players above and beyond just kicking them.

I would like a great big flashy arrow with “Attack here” pointing at the war icon when they haven’t gotten 5 flames, written in whatever their default language is. Hard to ignore that :wink:


Can’t blame yourself. Blame PG. They could put together a war tutorial easily enough to keep the newbies around :man_shrugging:

I agree pg could def do that… On the other hand with the members I have some that just plain forget so I send out a fast email to remind them and other are active but don’t do war even though I send war reminders and email when I see they are online… For me I wonder ok I c ur online I’m @ u and emailing u about war so idk what… Maybe pg will come up with something in the future but until then I just keep sending reminders and emails :joy::joy:

My exchange yesterday with a L70 teammate who hadn’t yet completed her war runs:

Me: (Having joined her regular attack) Please do your war runs.
Me: (Having joined her second regular attack) Please do your war runs before your regular attacks.
Me: (Having joined her third regular attack) WAR RUNS!!! NOW!!!
Me: (Having joined her fifth regular attack) Bye

My point is, no matter how much you ride people, only the truly dedicated ones who understand this is a team sport will give a hoot (notice how I didn’t swear there), and no amount of flashing lights isn’t going to change that. Those types of players are rare at lower levels, so keep on kicking and if 1 in 10 stick, you’re doing well.


Dont feel bad for them, if they dont notice team chat, or notifications, or mail then tbh they probably wont even notice if theyve been kicked.


There is definitely a communication gap here.
But like everyone else said… kick them!
IF they notice :joy::joy::joy: they might finally ask why?

And then the healing can begin :wink:

The biggest problem I have seen is when players claim to speak English and do not. I have had players join listing English as their primary language when it is actually Korean or Turkish hard to tell someone to do their war run when they don’t speak the language.

Why not change the color of the active war icon to red?

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You know what would actually be pretty cool? A dialogue box pop-up that shows up when a player has not done their runs in any of their active wars when a player tries to enter the list for standard attacks. That way it would be an in-your-face reminder that nobody has to hound anyone for, nobody has to send messages, nothing.

Another tool for the leadership would be a hidden leadership-only attack log that captures the full-blown attack log regardless of the Team Chat settings for attack logs. That would give us the ability to see who’s doing regular attacks without digging through Team Chat.


I have never co-signed an idea more

I feel you when I was a leader then, quite frustrating when these guys are online and doing their regular attacks but not war. Now as a member, I just make sure I do my part, joining the wave attacks or getting 5 flames done, with war defends whenever I can.

I am bilingual, English and mandarin with a little Malay, and with Google translate, I can make out easy word like “war Attack” in Russian, German and whatever available, still we got ignored. Some of them told us they did war, but only 1 or 2 flame. Best thing is these ppl u kick them, they will still keep applying back. Very tiring than my real work.

War tutorial, errm actually I not sure why these guys do not know how to do 5 flames, as every regular attacks/ PvP have that. Would rather suggest say coded in such that once war notification sent, when the guys go online, it would have that red flashing screen (you know like when ur dragon is almost dying, the screen keeps flashing red), until the player done the hit. No 5 flames? Another notification sent and the player screen start flashing again. That should quite solve it as the flashing is quite disturbing. My two cents worth


The problem here ain’t about war tutorials or mail or some such. The root problem is people not understanding this is a team game. So the tutorial really needs to be beefed up to help newbies understand team dynamics including war, chat, mail.