We need a Problems Category and this IS a problem


@ PG anyone…I have a problem with the latest Event “The Fight Pits”:
Namely, I cannot enter them.

Last event, even though there are only two people on my team and the other player was absent save one fight, I single- handedly brought my team to 1st in division. That’s not to brag, but to show I have an interest in the game and am capable of entering the events.

This event, however, will not let me join in at all. I get to the Battle Tab, Scroll to The Pit, Click “Go”, and the game locks in place.

The game does not lock up entirely, as I am able to exit the Event and return to normal play, but I am unable to join in the event.

As a result of this, 455 Sigils from acquiring either Grogg or Spindra (I switched to Grogg but am currently equidistant to both), I am not going to be able to do so. Based on previous events and having accumulated 23 check-marks, I should have easily completed Grogg by now if not both Grogg and Spindra (their respective first boxes).

Why is this occurring? Are we somehow incapable of entering due to having such a small team? Is there some precursor I am missing?

Please help, as I fear it is already too late to acquire either, as the season is fast coming to a close.


Suggest joining a larger team, you are not going to be effective with only one or two players, might as well be teamless. Either that or go on a recruiting binge you shouldn’t have any problem picking up players as long as you don’t set a minimum level and leave it at auto accept.


Also make sure you’re trying to enter the right tier of the list. You may have moved your team into a different ‘arena’.


@DragonMage while that is quite true, it does nothing to solve the problem. I can’t enter the Pits.
@TakMannar According to the emails I get every day, The Pit is where my team are located and that is the only one that even allows me to click. I know its the right place, but it is not activating. The screen just sits there. Today I tried just taking more time to allow it to load, just in case, but after 25 minutes, i decided that was long enough.
@PGJared has anyone looked into this?


Did you submit a ticket? I’m not always online over the weekend (working 7 days a week is a bit tiring) so contacting support is usually the best idea.


Does the game freeze on the loading wheel of doom, such as being stuck at 70%? If so, a workaround is to break out of it by tapping an attack/defense banner. Edit: To clarify, you don’t actually want to join the attack/defense - just close the larger popup, and you’re in.

In an earlier version of the issue, you could tap the different buildings on the event island, and one of those would load to be able to tap the battle tab… but eventually, none of them would. So, I had to settle with reinstalling.

(Reusing from when the chest tab was an issue.)


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