We need a way to grind for Speed-Ups

As a level 254 who has been grinding for egg tokens with the 100% token boost for months, I had a rude awakening yesterday. The next step on my breeding plan is to breed my first Harbinger, Shezard, (Yay!) :tada::tada::tada: but then I found out that

HARBINGERS CANNOT BE BRED OR INCUBATED UNTIL LEVEL 300. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

I guess it’s my own fault for getting so ahead with my dragons but I really didn’t think I was grinding at a crazy pace. Nothing on the level of what @mechengg has mentioned, for example. :slight_smile: (PSA, Mech! You may be heading for a cliff! lol!)

Anyway, this obviously means that I won’t be able to participate in the next several breeding events unless I breed research eggs- which, let’s face it, sucks. My dragons have been limited by my base size for a few months now and from what I hear it only gets worse. Even for people who aren’t out of balance like I am, the base requirements once you hit harbinger (and amount of xp per level required for each level over 300) move into the realm of crazy-town. We’ve been begging PG to fix the scaling/progression issues there for months and have basically gotten zero response. I still think that we need the progression arc fixed so it’s not such a huge jump at harbinger. But, in the meantime or in addition, can we get some way to grind for more timers?

People complained that more EggTokens were needed. So the 100% EggToken bonus was offered- then eventually the 125% bonus. Plus, people can win more tokens by joining a higher team that gets a better daily bonus, wars, etc… Also, you can grind the daily missions and get more that way. But there is no way to get more speed-ups outside of events.

We need a way to grind for speed-ups. Give us a daily speed-up mission, please! :grinning:
And a 100% Speed-up bonus line… :wink:

thank you for your consideration


Yea, if you’re working on Harbs at lvl 254 you severally held your base back to much.

At 281 I’m still 2 events from harb and I’m even concerned I won’t be able to use them much as I need lvl 333 to max and 357 for mythic…

I’ve started to ramp up my base levels just to be able to fly dragons. I do feel it used to be good to stay low level with good dragons (you could do that with Emerald and down), but Obsidian and Harb force bases to grow.

I’m even Den capped on Obsidians at lvl 281.

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Chests are our main method to gain speed ups and that is likely by design.


Not sure if you have caught my plan for the next little bit but here it is:

  • Save all my speedups right now (barely get 450 sigils per fort event)
  • Breed Noctua @ L220 (he will be my main dragon until L275)
  • Keep grinding tokens for the 1 month afterwards
  • Spend those tokens (148k for me specifically) on all of the research components to get the last 5% construction time reduction
  • Then keep on with dragons with my tokens
  • My timers that i’ve been saving and any i earn going forward from this time will now be worth 5% more due to the platinum research

Not saying it’s going to be a night & day difference, but any little bit is going to help :slight_smile:


Also also, are you sure it’s L300 to both breed and incubate? I’m under the understanding that you can obtain the eggs, just can’t incubate them until then just from what I think I remember seeing my teammates going through (aka getting a harb egg but not being able to incubate and hatch it)

I think it’s L300 to incubate and L300 to use a harbinger as a parent, but if you use two obsidians then I think you may be OK.

Someone can verify this for me one way or the other pls

You’d be right there. It’s level 300 to bring Castle to Harbinger, aka, making babies with Harbinger parents.

You only need Castle at Obsidian level to breed them. However, there are only a few Harbingers made with Obsidian. My breeding path only shows two, Lokan & Opes.

I am right there with you Jenny. Currently I am a level 275 and have hatched 6 of the 9 Obsidian dragons (Archimera, Hedran, Noctua, Lumina, Marianas, and Rhyo). I am ready to breed 3 Harbinger dragons (Estril, Lokan, and Opes) but will have to jump 25 levels to hatch them, and that’s not taking into account how much further I will have to level up to be able to train them at higher levels. Some of my teammates are in the same boat and it is very disappointing. We grinders really do need a way to earn speed ups or else we may have to skip upcoming breeding events this season.

You can use atlas rider daily missions though provided speedup timers are way too less there.

Just shows that its comfortably ok to get mythic emeralds by 240 :see_no_evil:
I am gonna get bashed for this now

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Yes, this is correct. I verified it this morning when I got Wraith breedable I was able to start breeding Shezard. I had thought I couldn’t breed him because dragon-manager.com said the breeding castle had to be at level 12 for him but I guess that’s just to breed WITH him, not to breed him. lol
I’m happy for this because it gives me one more month before I hit the wall. But I’m still way too far away from 300…

Good plan, Mech! It’s going to cost me 213k eggs for the research to get the last 5% construction time reduction. I may go ahead and go for that right away next month even though I’m set to get Noctua. (I know, I know Noctua is the BEST and how can I put that off EVEN FURTHER- but it’s only one month and I need all the help I can get with these speed ups so I can uncap dragons and increase my overall AP).
It would be painful but desperate times… I guess I have a month to think about it some more.

Have you calculated when you will hit Harbinger? I guess it’s pretty hard to calculate but I assume you will get there long before 300 as well and just breed research eggs for a while?

Timers are definitely becoming the choke point for me as well. Glad I haven’t over leveled my base or I’d have even less of them. Good luck!

You could do chest hunting in your spare time. I think there is a +300 level treasure base in XPfarmsLooseX1. :cherry_blossom:

I used to do Xonn, but moved to RoninKirin, since I can’t handle the 1st perch well.

Honestly, now that they have increased the last gold multiplier to x5, I just do those over and over for my chest hunting. It takes more time but I need the gold. :sweat_smile:

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Wait what? This sounds like I’ve missed something very interesting, what multiplier is that?

In Atlas, on the mines and poachers, when you finish going through all the gold multipliers it used to go down to X1 for the rest of your runs for the day until it reset the following morning. Now it goes down to X5 and stays there. It’s not huge, but it’s actually worth grinding where before it wasn’t.

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Ah ok, Atlas. For a second I thought it was about gold chest farming :grin:

Oh holy crap- that WOULD be fantastic news. :joy::joy::joy:

Read up my post and be careful, if not you will whine more, as I was having isssues with that and for 2 breeding, can’t do anything but do research eggs. Confirmed and sure you can breed harbingers if parents are obsidian, but cannot hatch or move forward, until level 300. But wait, check your storage den as well, I am stuck cos didn’t check this. As the post mentioned, would really appreciate pg would look into this and hope to see more drops on gold chests (now rarely seen) and timers drop on monuments or bronze chests.