We need Changes to guardians ASAP!

I know it’s been mentioned but nothing has been done. I really enjoyed this event awhile back but now it’s become a painful grind. My children won’t even do the guardian runs for me anymore, if I don’t bribe them! :roll_eyes:

Shorten the guardian bases to maybe 5-6? Make them worth double the points, can even make the bases more difficult :man_shrugging:
Or after we complete one set of guardians allow
Us to raid the rest!
If you open guardians 25-30 times which a lot of teams do, some open even more then that! You are looking at 300-350 attacks
Just on guardians. That’s crazy and you have no choice but to do them if you want to place well.
With runs to revive/train troops, egg tokens,
Regular event runs, etc it feels like it’s non stop. An event I once thought was the best PvP event we have right now I’m really starting to Hate!
A few small changes could make this event so much better! @PGGalileo


Don’t disagree- It’s on the list of proposals from the community


I won’t lie, I did sigh a bit when my team opened their 27th temple


I was really hoping they were working on adding something when they pushed the event from week 9 but apparently not. Disappointing :expressionless: :sweat:

I really do like this event but guardians seriously lose their appeal usually by the end of Friday.


This is where I start to disagree.

Agree with this though.

I do wish they would add in some ways to speed up the process, or even make it instantaneous. The grind gets very tedious a couple of temples in at the start of the event. There have been times I’ve almost refused to do them, and had to push myself because they’re such easy points. This is a great event, but I feel like it would be a lot more lovable if there were a quicker or more instantaneous way to get do Temple Guards.

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They could make the race bit worth a bit more, and make it longer

Ngl: these events were a lot more fun without megas lol. Used to take quite a few more hits between check points.


Is it bad I laughed? :joy:


Fully agree there are two options in my view.

  1. Introduce a raid all bosses button on the temples. ( raid all button only becomes available once you have completed that temple element previously )

I.e. you manually complete ice temple and the second time ice temple pops up you can simply raid it. ( same feature as Kingdom Wars )

Raid all lets you complete the entire temple instantly for the cost of16 energy.

If you don’t want to spend 16 valuable resources then you can do them manually as you do now.

  1. Reduce tier point requirements to the same as fight pits.

But to compensate making it easier to score points each temple can only be completed once.

Temple raid feels like a full time job. Clearing 30 temples sucks. It used to be fun but now its horrible especially if you are atlas active as well it consumes far too much time on the weekend.

This should be fun not a full time job.

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Amen :rofl:


I really never undrestand why we should do raiding temple guardians or atlas beasts over and over again. But pg don’t care

My question is… what are we raiding? What exactly are these guardians guarding that we repeatedly beat them up for? Are we the bad guys in Temple Raid, just breaking into these temples to ransack the place, beat up the inhabitants and then leave?

Well beasts does make sense since we’re after gold and xp for dragons. It would be nice if there was a way to just do multiple of them but grinding xp does at least make sense. However that’s also one of the reasons I let my atlas elite laps, Im tired of grinding out my gold multipliers every. single. night. It does get old, especially if you dont have a dragon you’re trying to level up.


Well, they really should, and I’m not agreeing with your speculative comment that they don’t, but they should because it’s on the top 10 2021 suggestions list. I’m too lazy to go and link it, so just search around the forums yourself if you’re unaware.

I’ll never think of TR in the same way ever again


Sometimes no matter what is in top suggestions list, it never happened.
There’re things imo

But they’ve already implemented some of the suggestions from that list.

You’re right on some points, but something’s like atlas lags remains. It’s better now but in busy castles or high count of attackers, still kicking hard.
Imo, pg won’t listen until it’ll be disastrous. Just like last KW, that didn’t listen until it was not playable anymore.

They’re working on that.

Well, you said it yourself, that’s your opinion. They’ve implemented some things from that list already. Who’s to say they won’t continue? Why would they start if they won’t continue?

I genuinely think that they saw lots of good potential in that event, and that’s why they kept taking it out and bringing it back. When they finally realized that the event wasn’t working properly, they trashed it, much to their chagrin (I say that, because Galileo said it was a tough decision to make). That entire process we had to go through showed that they at least cared, and were trying to make things right. Keep in mind that it also takes a lot of time for them to program a new event. I don’t think this was them not caring, I think it was them trying to make the event a good one so that they don’t have to take all of that excess time programming a new one… yet here we are, getting Crystal Caves (which has been announced even in 2020).

lapse and keep grinding that gold. You’ll need it!

Come to the dark side …

No I won’t. The only thing I care about from elite are the hats