We need PG Squrl

Really wondering if the next livestream, @PGSqurl will be featured again :smile: since its the launch of kingdom war

Yeah to @PGSqurl.

Btw we need @PGJared to fly with the dragons and be on live stream too just to hear his commentary real life (curious) @PGCrisis and @Arelyna its going to be hilarious to see him on live trying to win the prize.

Love y’all…

It’s very unlikely that I’ll be on livestream again any time soon.

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The people want you though Jared…


Nah, I’m going to be super personally honest for a minute. Every time I go on stream people use pictures of me to make fat jokes, and that’s one of the few insults that actually kind of gets to me. Most of the time I get salty about insults it’s because my team is being insulted and I’m defending them. Fat jokes are an exception. If there’s a compelling reason for me to be on stream at some point I will, but until then I’m going to save myself the hassle and just be a voice behind the screen.


I’m sure we will have PGSqurl back on stream again. We are always working to get other members of the team to join us. :smile:


Sorry for the poor excuses of human beings : /


Sorry to bring up the pain … Well I believe there are people who really like you :heart: (I am one of those)
Either way I can wait to see you in streams and wrecking them haters :smile: take your time to heal :slight_smile: thank you for all the funny moments you have brought up in those past live streams

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OH yeah squrl will be back :smile:

I’ve been shopping in the husky section my whole life, don’t let it bother you. Skinny folks are bitchy because they’re hungry is all.


I’ll definitely still be in chat whenever I can make time. Usually the Wednesday and Thursday streams are hard for me to make. Thursdays especially.


Hey @Kaixkws96, appreciate the love! It’s unlikely I’ll be on stream this week - I’ll be busy responding to any questions people have about the event as well as responding to live incidents.
Will be back on the stream again in the future though! :chipmunk:


Jared I’m going to use my exceptionally great French - fuck those people. You’re absolutely awesome and I’m sorry those kinds of people are such scum.


You are exceptionaly good at French :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Instead of information about the game people are interested in who looks like? That’s weird. Maybe it’s jealousy? Don’t you think?

Jared, out of all of the PG team, you’re my favorite one because of your great sense of humor😀

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I’ve never made memes of you about your weight. You may however had a toothbrush mustache in one. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

I don’t care about fat jokes. They’re just jealous and if I ever met them in real life I could sit on them and fart and there isn’t much they could do about it with their skinny ass…:speak_no_evil:


Ppl have nothing better to do with their time I guess…Wish this wasn’t a thing. Sorry u went through that bro

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Yeah sure :slightly_smiling_face: lookibg forward to see you present in live stream more often in future :smile::smile:
Feel like I’m getting a good teaching :joy:

Love that french sounds legit :joy:

People suck, that’s not cool at all. You’d think we’d come to a day when everyone realizes they’re not perfect either or if they are they’re likely more plastic than tissue.

Haters gotta hate.

Cheers Sir