We need to know if it is a revenge or attack

We need a way for the people that we are revenging to know that we are revenging there is a lot of people that would like that that way they would know that is was a revenge not a attack

Does it really matter, though?


If I see Ember, then swap, and attack is closed after that, and that is repeated 5 times - I know, this was revenge :smile:


Yes it does I have talked to a lot of people and all of them would like to know so yes it does matter


But if you knew the first time you would Not have to hit them for or five times in a row you would know the first time that it was a revanche but then again there is no people that do like to hit people for five times in a row I talk to them today they do it just for the fun of it but there’s a lot of us that would like to know whether it was a revenge or a hit


And by the way I do watch you


Team quests

How about this novel idea:

Who cares who hit you how many times? :man_shrugging:

I have more interesting things to do in game than bother with someone who wants to hit me. If they hit me multiple times then they get that treatment back if I feel like it. Generally I couldn’t be arsed.

Focus on the fun bits of the game - stop worrying about things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme.


I guess my point is, will it change anything to know it’s a revenge attack or not? Are you going to ho around smacking everyone that’s not doing a revenge attack?

but then again there is no people that do like to hit people for five times in a row

That’s not true.

but there’s a lot of us that would like to know whether it was a revenge or a hit

And a lot of us who don’t care :slight_smile:

If someone will hit you 5 times, will you revenge 5 times? If someone will revenge you 5 times after your hit, will you ignore? I don’t care, if it will be 1 or 100 attacks, or revenges - if anyone wants to spent their time in such a way - whatever :slight_smile:

During resource events like Fort or Feed, I don’t have resources most of the time, as I use them right a way. Outside of events I don’t need those resources, so don’t care.


Oh no not another one of these posts :man_facepalming:t3: Forums is becoming like a hotline nowadays for people who asks very simple questions and people who worry a lot for nothing lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I think their time would be far better spent addressing some of the more serious issues and requests than putting it towards something that like 5 people would want or care about.

Someone hit you? Ok, who the hell cares
Someone hit you 5 times? It’s either a quest run or they’re butt hurt. Either way who the hell cares

Knowing if it was a revenge or not affects absolutely nothing. Just move on and continue to play the game. It’s not like you need to hit someone that hit you outside of a revenge. Unless you’re testing out your dragons on their base, completing a revenge attack is often a sign of being butthurt that someone hit you.


When started playing then I cared alot and revenged all attacks, for some reason that was important then.

Now I dont care if you hit me, I watch some replays if there was a good defence or if hit by a really high lvl so I might see a fun dragon in action.
Other then that it’s just some resources lost and outside of minor events your pretty much full on those anyway or easy to get if needed.

If they should do anything it would be nice to save attacked list on android to more then one

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So if i hit u 10 times u will hit back lmao

I do agree with this point and believe there should be a tab/ system for this… Many times the attacking player does not realise that he/ she is attacking the same player repeatedly… Also getting this tab would help us know whether we have been attacked or taken revenge upon…
I don’t say that it just should happen, but just that it would help some players…
Completely on jurisdiction of the creators…

I disagree, here’s why…
You’ll know if your attacking the same player Multiple times, there’s a slim to none chance you will find that same player while farming for rss or just attacking to get a feel of a new dragon your trying to learn.

Majority of the time that player(Attacker) bookmarked the other player, I never came across the same player I attacked while farming.

Let’s be honest, you are fully aware your attacking him again cause of the amount of rss he gots or you seen you got 1 Million+ Gold in that one raid so you attack him again to get more.( Or being a bully)

May be, if I have nothing to do, just out of curiosity, but not necessary :slight_smile:
Depends on presence of revenge quest, level of attacker, the mood, moon phase, position of planets, and many other factors )))

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From me you would see 4 ember attacks… and a real one. Because, you know, after all you attacked me :wink:


Fair enough )

Actually happens more often than you think, especially if you like to cycle through the lists like me.