We need translate option in this game


Hello everyone
first I must congratulate them for the work with the game and the desire they put to improve it. I, like many in the whole world, have been playing for more than a year in teams that were signed beyond the distance, the changes of the schedule and the languages.

Precisely, about signing to communicate better is that I write to make them more than an order, a suggestion.

See how to introduce into the game, the ability to use Translate, the translation system that allows us -to those who speak a language other than English- to better understand our colleagues, who in many cases, express themselves better in their native language.

Another detail is that they can also enable us to select and copy the texts of the chat and the entire game where it is possible to establish a communication.

I firmly believe that this would mean a lot to continue playing and for a long time more, this great game.

Greetings and of course, this text was created in Spanish and translated using Translate.

Translation button

i think only the copy paste text should be implemented.

having an in-game translator would affect the system load with all the translation that it will do.

Also, I haven’t seen a game that has an in-game translator.


You know, I suggested this very thing nearly a month ago.


What you’re asking for is a major project by itself. This would take massive amounts of dev time away from things that would benefit the game far more. Translation engines are not a simple feat, even if just using simple phrase matching. I’d suggest using an already existing one, such as google translate. I agree it isn’t ideal, but it is the best you’re going to get.


My main suggestion was allowing a line of chat type to be copiable so you could paste it into the translation app of your choice :laughing: Using the upload function for google translate works if you take a screen shot, but it has issues with using “detect language” if you’re uploading a picture.


yeah just letting players highlight the text and copy it should suffice.

making a translation feature would mean that they have to make a vocabulary of every word translated to every language. At most, they have to ask Google or anyone that has those information unless you want to manually add each word and build an algorithm for how the sentence would be translated to an ideal sentence on another language.

basically, like what MaQleod said, another major project.


The only problem i see with a copy/paste style translator is the time it takes to exit the game, open your browser, then REOPEN THE GAME!
If there was a “shortcut” inside the game or way of not exiting the game then it would definitely help with the flow of conversations without taking 2-3 minutes per response.


Yeah, that is an issue on some devices. Fortunately for me, I can have a translation app open on my ipad while the game is still running. Yay for iOS multitasking :tada: (Only issue is that you can’t type into the translator app while you have any chat windows open :neutral_face:)

I actually use that ability for communicating with one of the players on my team, but if he responds in his language then I have to manually type what he wrote into google translate :sweat_smile:

Making use of an ingame translator funciton would be nice but it’d be a big project and it would be bad if it broke the code somewhere else in the game :woman_facepalming:t2:


I think I saw a game or two with auto translation.
On the side note, Google GBoard allows you to translate from English to whatever language you want so you can download it and use in the game


There is a game that has auto translate

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Personally I find it more fun to get yelled at in a foreign language…it makes me feel more worldly.


Not to mention the astronomical cost of the google translate api feed.


Use Google Gboard. it has translator built-in with the keyboard app


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