We need you or maybe just want you but come on in!

Burningbreeze is looking to change things up a bit.

We are a platinum 3 team, the usual requirements apply. Line app needed! We have some players going on hiatus or leaving and want to fill those holes. Would love more non US based players to balance us out (about 2/3 is US based) and prefer level 80 or higher but all are welcome. Come check us out! Message me in game or on line app at ID emberphyre. Can’t wait to see you fly on riders, fly on…

Language: any (basic English preferred)
Time Zone: all
Played time: at least an hour
Age Range: 18+
Line app?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: your favorites
Highest Lineage Dragon: One with a cool name



I thought he was awesome when I started playing so can’t hate on it

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Draco is in my roster now, he’s very handy for quests :rofl:

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I usually get defense quests so my dragons are just cheerleaders

Hi, we’re looking for a new home, may we apply? Or is our level too low?

About: Two active player, lvl 63, we come as a pair, we play ALL events and wars.
Looking to move from Gold to Platinum

Language: English or French
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: 8-9 months
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account: sometimes
Dragon Roster Includes: recent divines + critical path dragons by Red
Highest Lineage Dragon: we’re about to open up breeding gold eggs

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