We never did get an answer

When thunderstorm was changed to a red spell you also changed all our super thunderstorm spells to red. These spells were separate from others as they can’t be forged and there is no way to replace them anymore. In essence you stole them from us by making them almost useless but you never answered us when we complained or asked why.

As these are limited and can’t be replaced we deserve either a logical explanation, compensation, or for them to be reverted back to being blue spells.

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100% agree.

This is why PG cant do actual balance changes, everyone feels they are entitle to compensation when something changes against their favor.

You used thunderstorm while it was op, you enjoyed it while it lasted, leave it at that. Is a game, balance changes will happen, PG shouldn’t have to compensate someone every time they make a change.


He’s not referring to Thunderstorm the spell, but rather Super Thunderstorm which those of us that have been here awhile received and worked hard for that we got as blue.

I was very aware what he was referring to.

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Supporting This idea of balancing.

If you’re aware of what I was referring to then you should also be aware that they are limited to what you have in inventory. Once they are gone there is no way other than a gift from PG to get more. So they should have left them alone until they were used up.

And if they were so worried about balance changes they have other spells that could and maybe should have been changed too. After all their reason was that attack spells should all be red and defensive spells should all be blue. And following that logic white spells shouldn’t exist at all. Or at least they should be developing a white mage tower.

I agree there are problably more spells that need balance.

Their reason was that blue towers did nothing to stop thunderstorm so it acted more as an overtune white spell than a blue spell.

No i dont really follow your logic, just because a spell is white dosnt mean is out of balance. White spells are usually a weaker or smaller version of their color counterpart.

I agree that old players should still have blue super thunderstorms. But PG’s solution is let’s make it a white spell or whatever.

You have to love how PG ignores topics they just don’t want to deal with.

I just don’t think there’s enough of us old people that got affected by it and care.

You mean like runegate?

And the myriad of other times when one thing has been promised and never delivered?

Or just the opposite, promised it would never happen and voila, it happened?

Par for the course I’m afraid :man_shrugging: Still love the game, it’s unique, which is why I’m still hanging around.

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Honestly I’m bored with the game. I have been since they turned the focus away from achievement based prizes and switched to a strictly pay to win format. That and the fact that they have flooded the game with new dragons so none of them are special anymore.

If it were not for the friends I have made here after years of playing I would have walked away over a year ago.


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