We’re PGKharnyx and HavokReed from the Dragons Art Team - Ask Us Anything!


Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Welcome to round two of the Dragons AMA! This AMA will be focused on the Art team here at War Dragons and their work creating the beautiful concept art, special effects, animations, and really all visual things that are found in the game.

@PGKharnyx and @HavokReed are your Art folks joining us today. Feel free to tag them in your questions!

A few things to note for this Art AMA:

  • You are welcome to ask our team anything you may like. Please note that questions that are not specific to the Art process may be outside of their wheelhouse, and may not have an exact answer.
  • This is an AMA, but we will continue moderating this thread based on the Forums’ Code of Conduct. No inappropriate questions, please.
  • Non War Dragons questions are also encouraged! Previous work experience, other questions about game development, or even “what’s your favourite colour?” are welcome.

We’re here until 5pm PT, so we’ve got two hours to answer your burning questions. Ask away!

About @PGKharnyx: I’ve been on the War Dragons team since the final push to launch the game - I’m the Art Manager, which means I run the art team when it comes to scheduling and deliverables, and make sure all of the artists have everything they need to do their best work. I also work with the design team for early iterations on the theme and lore in each tier and Season. I’ve been the one to put every finished dragon in the game!

About @HavokReed: I do all of the VFX (visual effects) for the game. I’ve been on the War Dragon’s team since the Springveil dragons of 2018. I do everything from the dragons shooting their powerful breath attacks and spells to the small ambient effects you see throughout the maps. My job is to make things look really awesome and as magical as possible! One of my favorite dragons to work on was Axi!

Ask away!


Why we have dragons with multiple name this season? :eyes:


I don’t have a question, but I wanted to say if PG is doing anything at all right, it must be you guys if you’re in charge of the art :blush: The art is fantastic.


Will there be more mechanical/generally less traditional dragons? :smiling_imp:


What inspires your designs?


Your visual arts team does a great job. I like the different breath attacks that are tailored for each dragon.

No questions, just a kudos to your team for a good job


Ok question is can we have another necryx like dragon soon?


Yeah I agree I love how the “fire” is tailored to fit the dragons theme


Do you have favorite art sites/blogs/whatever?


@mechengg Thanks! I rely on the great concepts of the dragons to inspire the theme and color pallets of the breath attacks. :slight_smile:


Good question. Sometimes we like to give dragons with several personalities individual names. Urd, Verd, and Skuld are loosely based on the Norns from Norse mythology - one head sees the past, one the present, and one the future. If you watch them in the stable, you may see them bicker with each other.

Aquileas and Austeros from Garnet tier are a similar story.

Yes. Coming soon.

Lots of things! For seasons, usually we like to start with real-world cultures and myths and go from there. What would an elf dragon look like? What about an Egyptian Anubis dragon? And so on.

Sometimes a concept artist will just have a really good idea when inspiration strikes them, and I like to let them run with it.


Any chance we’ll see more dragons with awesome breath visuals like what Skarr had? I absolutely loved that dragon’s fire breath attack.


I just wanted to say I love you @HavokReed

That is all. You’re amazing!


@forScience I think our whole art team pulls inspiration from many different sources. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m a fan of the Artstation and pinterest rabbit holes. I also look at youtube videos for reference when I need to match the effect of a specific type of VFX. For example: Lightning strikes, explosions, smoke, etc. Then I add my own twist to it to match our game!


I’m still wanting another dead looking rib showing hunter with elemental barrier again. Shhh :joy: which is why I say necryx like :joy::joy::joy:


I thought Khrysos was a wonderfully designed warrior, with that thick jaw and the tight horn pattern. I always wondered why there were no attempts to re-skin or design another dragon to look like him, when so many other dragons have been reskinned.


Probably, although maybe not within Winterjol. I always like to sneak in undead dragons when I can. They’re my favorite. :skull:


Have there been any crazy requests? :stuck_out_tongue:


@LizDrakemoor There is a very good chance, yes! I pull inspiration from the theme of the dragon, so there is a very good chance there will be another one like it. I can’t say when, because I don’t know what I’m making until I start working on it, haha!


@PGKharnyx mine too :joy: