We’re PGKharnyx and HavokReed from the Dragons Art Team - Ask Us Anything!


Can we have more insectoid hunters? :eyes:

I don’t think we’ve got any…

@HavokReed are you doing the spell effect as well? Looks awesome…


@OrcaFrost Yep! I do it all :slight_smile:


The one thing I have to admit that I dislike in terms of the art (most of it is fantastic) is that the 2- and 3-headed dragons just seem really…stiff in the neck? It’s almost like the torso near the shoulder is too narrow, so getting the two necks to fit right doesn’t work; I don’t know. Is that a limitation of the graphics engine, or do you see any way to make these multi-headed dragons a bit more visually appealing?


I just want to express that your work is super awesome. Last season was one marvel after the other. This season is also very cool (and we haven’t seen all yet)
Very cool indeed.

Now for the questions, how do pipelines work? Do you work on the concepts and art for the “next” season, or the season after? Meaning, are you working already on the concepts for Spring season or that is closed and you are working on summer concepts?


@PGKharnyx Do you still work on artistic deliverables, or is it more around making sure that things get done, more of a PM role?


Add fire to surround them and make them shine during teleport? Totally kidding by the way :joy:


Also @HavokReed, now you are my favorite PG employee :axi:


@TulkasDeBalic :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:


@PGCrisis will forever be my favorite as she was the first person to ever ban me from forums for two weeks :joy:


Literally all the time. Our art director is great, and he’s always pushing the artists to make their features and characters spectacular. Sometimes I have to make sure we’re staying realistic so we can release on time, however. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s in the realm of possibility. We don’t have any like this in the works, but who knows? Maybe someday.

Aside from the body shape, are you referring to stiffness while in flight? If so, this is indeed a limitation caused by the fact that heads that undulate too much make the VFX breath look weird (you can kinda imagine it like taking an “on” water hose and just slinging it around wildly). So we keep the head that fires the breath a little more stationary, and have the other heads match it as well for consistency.


Any word on a kangaroo dragon for us Aussies :smirk:


Or a koala dragon? :joy: jk


I have an idea for you guys! How about dragons based on deep sea creatures like anglerfish and bioluminescent jellies and fish you can see through? There are some really cool and scary things living at the bottom of the ocean.

I always thought sea dragons were awesome too. It would be a pretty design for a sorcerer imo.


How do you arrive at the theme for each season?


Id personally prefer old Nordic sea serpent dragons with 6 whiskers dead eyes and a really sharp razor fin going down its back. Or a Phoenix like dragon. Big wings little bit of feathers and a razor sharp beak.


I really loved the whole leaf-winged look on Aibrean. And Axi was/is amazing! You guys do great work!

I don’t know if it’s in your wheelhouse exactly, but for the dragons with multiple heads, would it be possible to tweak the attacks a little so they look more like they’re coming from the dragon mouths - or even alternating from different mouths? It’s a little oddly offset at the minute.


I love Aquileas & Austeros, and thought that was a wonderful idea (and the nickname of Double Dragon brought back old school gamer feels).

Q: Are there any plans to come out with another dragon like A&A?



Like a yin/yang type thing?


How many different frameworks are there for dragons? Some obviously share the underlying structure. Are there any one-offs that are unique?


Please a Dragon and a Phoenix
Please a Dragon and a Phoenix
Please a Dragon and a Phoenix

Power spell: they fusion and send a ball that destroys the island. Or whatever. But

Please a Dragon and a Phoenix