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Unfortunately, this is a tech limitation that we have to work with. I would love to be able to do this, but right now it’s not possible. We slowly integrate new tech into the game, but we have to be extremely careful with new things because it could just blow the game up, with or without my help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


By the time you see the preview for one season, we’re already making the 3D models for the next season. Just as we’re finishing 3D models for one season, we start planning and concepting the next. So it basically all overlaps. As we’re ready to release 1 season, we’re already halfway through creating the next, and just starting planning the one after that.

Mostly PM/producer role. I occasionally fix some small visual bugs using Photoshop and Maya because I know those softwares, but I leave all the heavy lifting to the experts.

The most creative thing I do around here is help the artists keep the seasonal styles visually consistent (with the art director’s help, of course). I’ve made a couple of the spell icons. I also occasionally make mood boards*, which is fun.

*Collection of images pulled from the internet that help define the early visual style of a project.

… no comment.

Actually, ya know, Australia has some cool creepy crawlies and sea life that might inspire some dragons someday. Only time will tell! :slight_smile:

Buncha random ideas on a dart board.

KIDDING. We sit down with the designers and have a brainstorm, identifying potential themes and myths that we haven’t yet explored, and that may fit the time of year in which the season is released. Occasionally we do something way out of left field, like the Roman-style dragons from winter 2017, but we do try to match the time of year without being too blatant (i.e. winter dragons = ice, snow, and Santa).

Usually we don’t even have to take a vote for the next theme; it’s just the one that everyone’s obviously the most excited about.


I think Somnus head action is awesome! More effects like that would be wonderful!


I have to say the dragon designs always are amazing to see! One of my favourite aspects to look forward to each season!

Have either of you seen the chat on the forums about ideas for more Greek/Roman inspired dragons maybe? I would love to see a Gryphon inspired one! :wink:


This just makes me think that a dragon will spit out presents now.


Is the community getting the chance again to name the Festive Dragon?


Aww. Good to know, though, thanks. And better to look sideways at that one lazy dragon head that never does anything than to blow up everything. :grin:


What did PGCrisis bribe you guys with? :smiling_imp:


Some more holiday themed dragons would be cool! Like elf or a Valentine, Easter etc… can you make a dragon breathe hearts? Lol


Not this time around, unfortunately. We’ve already got a very solid concept for Winterjól’s Festive Dragon that we think you’ll really enjoy. That being said, we’re looking into ways we can better involve players in upcoming content for things like portraits, Riders, and even more Dragons!


maybe a festive dragon and a spell about hearts liike it hits a building and hearts exploding out of it!


Haha great minds think alike!


Are we talking pulsing, beating, bleeding hearts, or sparkley, “I love you, too, boo!” hearts?

Because if former, :+1:

If latter, :unamused:


horror movie hearts?


I bet the festive dragon will be an interesting one (:thinking: not sure if it’s one or not, since we have 3 in 1 already ).


… kidding.


I think that would be pretty fun to make!


hmm possibly it hits a building and the building explodes like fireworks and then pinkish red hearts with a little shimmery lights


:thinking: Perhaps related to gameplay a bit…

Can you make it so that shield-type tower has its shield radius shown somewhere without being too fancy?
(sorry if it’s beyond your scope…)


If it’s axi or necryx like it’s been bound to be awesome :sunglasses: