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So many possibilities! It also depends on the kind of spell or attack that it is too, which is up to the design team. :wink:


So was thinking of spell that works BEHIND the dragon would somehow be cool… lol like a dragon fart comes to mind although I know that’s silly…lmao but a behind d spell might add to strategy on setting up a base and cloaking and evasion … Venemous Stench or something


Future ideas: 2 hunters circle each other in the sky.
Theme life and death.
1 hunter rejuvenates and lays heal marks
2nd hunter kills everything
Name is chaos
Oh and they’re black and white to represent yin/yang.


:stuck_out_tongue: but sorc



Well if we did something like that, then you wouldn’t get to see any of my fart effects! :laughing:

Jokes aside, the reason we don’t do that sort of thing is because of readability and performance. For example, Archimera has these cool effects that trail from his wings, but adding anything more starts to affect performance and readability for the players. If there are VFX trailing behind a dragon, you will see those effects collide through the camera and just get in the way of what you are trying to see! And we wouldn’t want the game to be screwing up any perfect run you may have because of visibility issues. :wink:


Wouldnt it be an idea to let the community maybe vote for the theme of the next season ? But you guys from PG give the community a few options to vote on like :

  • Greek myths

*Japanese gods

*Legendary creatures

These are just some things that popped into mind :sweat_smile:.


The “visibility issues” thought reminds me:

Would it be possible to tweak the dimensions or design of towers (and monuments, etc.) slightly to better reflect their hitboxes? Or alternatively, the hitboxes to fit the design/dimensions?

It can be pretty frustrating to shoot at something and have it accidentally hit something else, because the actual targets don’t always line up with the visible assets.


@PGKharnyx + @HavokReed, I’ve got a question. If you guys could pick one previous War Dragon to give a ‘makeover’ - change its looks, colours, spell effects, or animations - which one would you pick and why?


Random thought
There should be a werewolf rider or portrait for halloween


That makes sense!
Any possibility of enabling the old antlers n red nose be able to go on current dragons? Got a reminder from someone the other day that we had them had totally forgotten! Only problem is they can’t go on any new dragons :confused:



This is a great question. I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one dragon. I would like to see many of our launch dragons remade and updated to be just as visually appealing as all of our new stuff. An early game facelift basically :slight_smile:


@PGKharnyx will there be another dragon design competition?


Oh! A swan dragon! Swans can be super mean …


Or a bull dragon with a big metal ring in its nose! Ole!


What programs do you use?



For making VFX, we use our proprietary editor. But to make any new textures, I use photoshop. If I need to make a special mesh particle, I use Maya. We also have some Maya plugins for making special kinds of simulated flip book textures.


We love to involve you folks when we can, but we can’t do it TOO often or it actually gets a bit complicated. It tends to constrain the artists a little more than we’d like, and sets a bad precedent. There are also some legal implications, which are all very boring and not worth going in to here.

That being said, I’d say you have a lot to look forward to next year.

We’ve thought about it - changing the towers is risky, because our island levels are very… “particular” from a technical standpoint. However, it’s something the art team wants to try in 2019.

A lot of the dragons from before Sapphire Tier. However, if I had to pick one… probably Leviathan and Ryuu. They’re such a cool idea with interesting animations, and deserve some polish.

As an aside, I’d love to sit down with @PGLawson and redo a lot of the early game dragon flavor text.


Understandable. And good to hear, thank you!


How come some spells like Airbreans n Gunnars heal u can put on the monuments in main game but not while attacking in atlas? Is there any way to make it so its consistent in both ???


Could we get more pink or purple dragons?