We’re PGKharnyx and HavokReed from the Dragons Art Team - Ask Us Anything!


I have to say that I actually miss Kastor’s old look. He lost most of his adorable charm when you guys went back and updated him :pleading_face:


Request denied.


Hats are an interesting case. Long story short, they’re not very easy to “future proof” - in other words, once you add them to a dragon, you have to continue making them compatible with future dragons manually, which is prone to errors and a lot of manpower.

In the end, player response (some positive response but mostly indifference) coupled with the difficulty of manually adding more hats means that we don’t touch that feature very often. It’s not out of the question, but it’s been slowly phased out of our reward structure. I wouldn’t say that we’ll NEVER add or modify more hats, but it’s not a super high priority for the team.

Photoshop, Maya, Google Docs, JIRA (bug and task tracking), and Perforce/GIT (file tracking).

Probably. Someday. Nothing planned yet, but maybe in the future.


I was actually going to suggest we have more dragons like Jura and Merk :grinning:


@HavokReed will there be any overlapping effect if 2 spells are used together?
(e.g. Havoc + VampireTouch)
Can we also have different banner for Defend Yourself between regular run, war run, event run, and Atlas run?



Can you clarify a little bit on this? Do you mean something kind of like what they do in Magika, where if you combine water and fire you get steam? Or do you mean you want to have a better readability as to what you activated?


:heart: Merk and Merkt, don’t care what nobody says nohow!

(Don’t worry, Merk haters, his look is definitely a rarity…)


IIRC, both have similar effect (changing dragon skin to deep red / glitter yellow).
Therefore, it’s hard to tell whether one or two effect remains.


ftfy :smiling_imp:



I thought the request for more green drags would pop up lol :joy:


Just about to ask for

@PGKharnyx what dragon is it?


I gotcha. So this is a topic I have brought up earlier this year, to better establish a visual language for the game. It’s still on the table, but isn’t as straight forward as I would like it to be. So in the mean time, I am trying to make sure our spells are unique from one another, enough to tell the difference between them all. But as for old spells, we need to figure out the time to go back and make them more clear for you guys. But I am with you on this topic.


I’ve gone from an Android to iOS simply because the game is way more visually appealing. Any chance you are working on Android update?


Is it possible to get the option to choose if a portrait has a background or not?


@PGKharnyx I’ve got a few questions:

  1. How do you get the ideas for drawing new dragons(e.g. season dragons, lineage, etc)?

  2. What inspired you to do dragon art?

  3. Any interesting ideas for any upcoming season or lineage dragons?


Alternate concept art for Gargula on the left. The right dragon is concept art for a “super” version of the Trollis line of dragons. This would have been in the same set as Kinnarus and Merkt - those kind of dragons, updated “super” versions of existing dragons from early early tiers - but we ended up cutting that design.

We have plans to start this in the Spring 2019 season (no promises but it’s on my radar). In the meantime, you should be seeing other special promotional portraits that come with and without backgrounds, like the Headless Horseman.

Please note, however, we can not remove backgrounds from animated portraits due to file size constraints.

  1. As mentioned above, we like to start with real-world cultures and myths for inspiration. For recent tiers, we’ve focused on the lore we created for Atlas as inspiration.
  2. Well, I don’t personally make any of the dragons art myself, but who wouldn’t want to work on a game about giant monsters? There’s a lot of amazing ideas to explore!
  3. Yes. :wink:


How about different skins? A futureistic skin, instead of seagulls it could be drones. A caveman skin. A King Arthur skin.


I’ll have to ask our Art Director. We like doing map reskins, but they’re a lot of work!